Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite?

The seven chakras represent universal energy, and each chakra has a stone associated with it. Which chakra is blue calcite representative of, and how can you use it for balancing your chakras? Let’s read on to find out more.

Blue calcite is a powerful gemstone that helps balance your emotions and connect you to the spiritual world, i.e., your ancestors or guardian angels. 

So which chakra is blue calcite used for balancing? The blue calcite helps balance the throat and third eye chakra and thus increases your psychic power and reduces social anxiety.

The article discusses blue calcite, its properties, how to take care of it, and how to use it for meditation and chakra balancing.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite

What Is Blue Calcite?

Calcite is a colorless white mineral that consists of calcium carbonate. It is available on almost every continent and available in various colors like pink, yellow, blue, and others. Blue calcite is a part of this family, and it scores three on Mohr’s hardness scale. 

People often confuse blue calcite with celestite because they look similar. But blue calcite is never celestite. They are different gemstones with very different properties.

Blue Calcite is a gentle stone that helps in relaxing your body. The crystal helps to make essential decisions and stimulates your emotional body. The color of this crystal varies from light blue, deep blue, and or blue color with grey shades.

Blue calcite helps in transforming your negative energy into positive energy. The blue rays coming from this stone help soothe your nerves and make you feel relaxed. 

It is also believed that this stone helps balance the throat and third eye chakra for which you express and communicate properly with others. This crystal even helps in entering a high level of consciousness. Blue calcite can help you to reduce your stress, anxiety, and fear.

You should clean your blue calcite once in a while. But never clean with saltwater or plain water because it will damage the powerful stone. You can clean with brown rice, selenite, or sage smudging. One of the best ways to clean blue calcite is to keep the stone in a selenite bowl.

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How Much Does Blue Calcite Cost?

Blue calcite is excavated from Britain, the United States, Ireland, and Mexico. 

It costs you more than yellow or orange calcite. It’s difficult to tell the exact price of blue calcite because it depends on the size and cut of the crystal.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite Properties

  • Blue calcite consists of calcium carbonate like other members of calcite. Moreover, some other minerals may be added, resulting in deep blue, light blue, or blue with different color shades. The minerals help in aligning chakras and improving physical and mental health.
  • They are very soft in comparison to quartz crystals.
  • Raw blue calcites have precious energy, which can help you reduce stress and convert negative energies into positive energies.
  • The blue calcite is generally opaque and not transparent.

Healing Properties Of Blue Calcite

  • Blue calcite absorbs all your energy and converts the negative energy into high positive energy, which is essential for physical and mental health.
  • Blue calcite crystal will help your ability to deal with emotional trauma in your life.
  • Blue calcite improves the health of the liver. It also reduces your blood pressure
  • It provides relief from chronic constipation and reduces issues related to lung problems. It helps the lungs to use the oxygen in a better way.
Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite?

Chakras are energy sources in your body found from the base of the spine to the crown. We have seven essential chakras which need to be balanced for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

The imbalance of chakras can make you unstable, and insecure, have social anxiety and depression, and have a lot of stress. Fortunately, Blue calcite helps align throat chakra and third eye chakra by which you develop spiritual and psychic power.

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How To Use Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite helps in aligning the third eye chakra and throat chakra. So, if you want to enhance your psychic power, then wear blue calcite over your third eye. Likewise, if you want to increase your communication skills, then wear this stone near your throat. 

If you don’t want to align your chakra instantly, then blue calcite can be used as a piece of jewelry. For instance, you can wear a necklace or a blue calcite circlet with a stone that will enhance your beauty and soothe your body and mind. 

Wearing blue calcite anywhere on your body will have positive effects, but wearing it over chakras will have a more intense effect. You can place a blue calcite stone on your third eye during meditation or prayers for good results.

If you want to remember all your dreams during sleep, then keep the blue calcite under your pillows or near your bed. Simply placing it in your home will also have huge benefits. 

For instance, the blue rays will help reduce your stress and anxiety and help convert your negative energy into positive energy, due to which you will feel relaxed and you will have calm communication with others too. 

It is also believed that if you keep blue calcite in your home, it will help you prevent theft. You can also keep the blue calcite on your purse or baggage so that the eyes of the thief will not be on your baggage or purse.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite

How Can I Meditate With Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is a beautiful tool for meditation that will help you achieve a high state of consciousness. You can also combine the blue calcite with other colorful stones for more positive results.

Blue calcite has immense benefits. The radiating energy from this powerful stone will help soothe your nerves and eliminate your stress. Moreover, if you are injured or suffering from any illness, then the radiating energy of this stone will help in recovering.

If you want to use blue calcite for meditation purposes, you should first cleanse it to reactivate and work effectively.

Next, you need to decide the posture in which you want to do meditation. For instance, you may prefer to lie on your mat and do meditation, or you can sit in a cross-legged position on the mat or sit on your chair and meditate. There are many options from which you need to choose one.

You should be comfortable with whatever position you choose for meditation. If you are doing meditation for the first time, try a guided meditation. Once you become comfortable with guided meditation, you can try to meditate alone without any guidance.

Again don’t sleep immediately at the beginning of meditation. Try to concentrate your mind only on blue calcite, and if possible, try to talk with the blue calcite during meditation. You should instruct the powerful stone to bring your body to the desired place. Imagine the energy traveling from the blue calcite to your body and then from your body to the blue calcite.

The energy of this stone will help in reducing stress and anxiety. It will make you calm and increase your self-confidence. Again, meditating with this powerful stone will help you make optimistic that everything will appear perfect around our environment.

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The Best Crystals To Use With Blue Calcite

You can combine blue calcite with other crystals to increase its benefits. You can combine numerous crystals with blue calcite.

#1. Stimulate Brain

The stones that stimulate your brain includes Apophyllite, Herkimer diamond, Natrolite, and phenacite.

Herkimer diamond

Its name is Herkimer diamond because it was first found in Herkimer, which is in New York, United States. But remember, Herkimer diamond is not a natural diamond but a type of double terminated quartz. It is an excellent gemstone that can enhance your psychic abilities. It is believed that Hermiker diamond can also boost your immune system. Mediating with Herkimer diamonds can help connect to the white light of the divine.


The Natrolite is mainly found in India, Russia, Australia, Germany, and United States. They are available in a wide range of colors like yellow, orange, brown, green, and others.ts vibration helps you to contact the spirit. It is also believed that Natrolite even helps in reducing water-related diseases like edema.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite


The apophyllite is a vibrational stone that helps connect you to the spirits and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The apophyllite contains a lot of water. So, they can conduct electricity. You can use apophyllite in the third eye to increase your inner vision.

#2.Increasing Creativity


Aquamarine is a wonderful crystal that helps in enhancing your courage. Moreover, you can also have good communication with the divine by this stone. It will encourage you to stay positive in your life.


Celestite is a powerful stone for enhancing psychic abilities and spiritualism.It even aids you in connecting with guardian angels. 

Lapis Lazuli

The vibration of lapis lazuli helps connect with the third eye chakra and stimulate your brain.

#3.Writers Block

If you want to have writer’s block, then combine blue calcite with Blue Topaz, Chinese writing rock, and calligraphy stone.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite

Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy stone is quite suitable for meditation as it helps in aligning the third eye chakra and crown chakra. It even enables you to connect with the spirits and increases the skill of automatic writing.

Blue Topaz

If you cannot express yourself adequately in front of others, then try to combine blue calcite with blue topaz. It aids you in communicating effectively both by speaking and writing.

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How Can I Take Care Of My Blue Calcite?

#1. Buy Raw

Chakras are entry points in our body that can become imbalanced because of so much stress or anxiety in our life. Misalignment of chakras can decrease your self-confidence, make you feel unstable and insecure, and even find it challenging to communicate with others. It is believed that blue calcite can help heal the third eye chakra and throat chakra.

So, if you want to use blue calcite for healing chakras, then buy it in the raw state because it is more potent in this state.

#2.Dont Wear Blue Calcite Daliy

If you will wear blue calcite daily, it can have scratches or damage. Steam and certain chemicals can also damage this powerful stone. So, it’s better to avoid wearing it daily.

#3. Keep Away From Acids

Blue calcite is a very soft stone that can get damaged in slight contact with acids, including vinegar. So it’s better to avoid this stone from acids.

#4. Don’t Forget To Cleanse Blue Calcite 

You need to cleanse your blue calcite with selenite or sage smudging from time to time.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite

Frequently Asked Questions

#1.Will blue calcite fade in the sun?

Yes, blue calcite can fade and may also become brittle, which can damage this powerful stone

#2. What chakra is blue calcite good for?

Blue calcite is good for the third eye chakra and throat chakra. It helps these chakras in balancing for which you can communicate effectively with other people or develop psychic powers.

#3. How can you tell blue calcite is real?

You need to put some drops of hydrochloric acid(It should be cold) on your blue calcite; if the entire drop erupts as foam or bubbles, then it’s real blue calcite. Again real blue calcite always mohr’s a hardness scale of 3 ratings. So the nails of your finger cannot produce any scratch on it. The blue calcite may develop scratches because of fingernails or hammers. The real blue calcite should not get heated up quickly. 

#4.Is bluecalcite the same as celestite?

No,blue calcite is not same as celestite. 
People usually think blue calcite and celestite are similar because they look identical. But the easiest way to know the difference between them is by comparing weight. The celestite is 1.5 times heavier than the blue celestite.

A Few Final Words

Blue calcite is a powerful crystal that has immense benefits. It is a stone that will increase your creativity and help in developing psychic and spiritual power. You can buy small blue calcite gemstones, put them in your pocket, and carry them anywhere. 

You will be surprised to find that it will benefit you in numerous ways. Moreover, if you have a headache that hinders you from sleeping comfortably at night, I suggest you keep blue calcite either under your pillow or near your bed. It helps in soothing your thoughts, which is essential for the flow of writing.

We thank you for reading this article and hope we have answered all questions related to blue calcite.