What Is An Appropriate Gift For Adoption?

Going to someone’s adoption party? Unsure as to what is an appropriate gift for adoption? We share with you 15 of the best gift ideas for adoption that you can share with the adoptive parents and the adoptee.

Adopting a child comes with the same responsibilities and happiness as giving birth to your own. From buying new clothes to schooling, entertaining, and other things, adoption gives parents and their relatives a chance to celebrate parenthood, just like we do when we bring a baby home after birth. 

Each parent has their particular reasons for adopting a child. While some have infertility issues, others may want to raise a child alone, and for some others, such as LGBTQ couples, adoption is one of the few ways to enjoy parenthood themselves.

Gifting options for baby showers are well known. What when it comes to giving a perfect present to adoptive parents on the adoption finalization, there are no clear rules!

While you might be confused, gifting after all is not that hard. Be it a photoshoot or printed T-shirts; a gift should be one that touches the heart of the receiver, whatever be the occasion. Here are some gift ideas for the parents and the child. 

What Is An Appropriate Gift For Adoption

What Makes A Great Adoption Gift?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a gift for an adoption. The most important factor is to think about what the receiver would find useful and thoughtful. If you know something about the personality of the person you are buying for, that can be helpful as well. 

Gift Ideas To Give To Adoptive Parents 

1. Parenting books

Parenting includes the way of upbringing the child by parents. As the child grows, parents need to remain in touch with different challenges that children face. 

So gifting books on coping with those challenges is a great idea. By reading these books, adoptive parents can learn the emotional issues that can arise to improve their parenting style, especially for an adoptive child. If the child is a baby, a baby book might also be a great idea. 

Books about adoption focus on the issue of adoption and how to tackle it from the perspective of both the parent and child. These books help create a strong bond between the adoptive family and the adopted child, while still reconciling that the relationship is not that of blood.

2. Engraved Jewelry

An adoption necklace, pendant or a bracelet with the adopted child’s name engraved on it can be a comforting gift for adoptive parents. Gifting it means that the person is unique to you, and they want to wish them good luck in your future. Apart from this, the jewelry embarks a healthy bond between the family members.

3. A Photo album

To keep memories alive and give the family a gift to remember the occasion, a photo album is a good idea to give to an adoptive parent. 

Though we have phones and Google photos to save our pictures today, nothing can match the old world charm of a photo album. The collection of photographs in the album is never lost and is forever embedded in the hearts. 

What Is An Appropriate Gift For Adoption

4. Baby Furniture

If the adoptive parents are bringing home a newborn baby, baby furniture might be the perfect gift to start them off. Furniture may include nursery rocking chairs, a cot, cradles, even a small cupboard for the baby’s diapers and creams! 

It may seem a bit expensive, but it is a thoughtful gift that the adoptive parents and their children will love. If you are a close relative or friend, you can also select the furniture based on the interiors and match it with the other furniture at home. 

5. Baby Feeding

Another gift for parents with newborn adoptive children. Gifting baby bottles (of multiple sizes) can be considered an ideal gift for adoptive parents. You can also make it a whole kit – breast pumps, baby food makers, bibs, etc. After all feeding, burping and changing are the triad of baby rearing for atleast the first few months, right!

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Gifting Ideas For The Adopted Child

6. Learning baby kits

Learning innovative skills is proven fruitful irrespective of age limit. An adoptive child grows their skills and knowledge, through a gift like this, which are beneficial for them in the future. Gifting books on drawing and crafting to the adoptive child enhances their creative ability. 

It also opens the window to a hidden talent you never knew about. Giving building blocks or puzzles cater to the child’s mental growth. You never know what you might inspire the child to become in the future!

7. Stuffed toys

A stuffed toy is an excellent option to gift to an adoptive child. Undoubtedly, a plush toy provides comfort and security to the child and helps reduce stress in an unfamiliar environment. In addition, having soft toys increases the adoptive child’s social skills, which are quite beneficial to the family in the long run.

8. Blankets

Customized blankets with the child’s name embossed on them can be a perfect gift. Gifting it to the adoptive child makes him feel comfortable and like he is a part of the family. It is super cute gift for adoptive children and shows them that you care. Plus, a custom-made blanket adds to the beauty of the child’s room.

What Is An Appropriate Gift For Adoption

9. Skincare products

Beauty products are a delightful gift to give to the adoptive child as a token of love. It shows them that an effort has been made to choose the right product for them, which is an indirect way of caring. 

There are body showers, toothbrushes, creams, lotions, etc., specially designed for kids’ sensitive skin. A child’s skin is more sensitive, so gifting skincare products that suits their skin is a good idea. It also makes bath time a fun time, and the bonding between the parent and the child increases.

10. Personalized clothes

Designer and personalized clothes have become a trend nowadays. Various custom-made shirts are available of every design and color, but giving a family name shirt will prove to be a lovely gift. 

A personalized or DIY T-shirt or a cap for the child printed “baby boy” can be gifted to the adoptive child. I am sure the child will love the gift and wear it quite often to gain confidence in the family.

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Gifting To The Adoptive Family And Their Children

A wide range of options is available to present a close one, our token of love. It is pretty challenging to choose from the best presents to offer to adoptive parents and their kids. After careful research, below is the list of five gifts that can be given to the family.

11. A Photoshoot

Arranging a photoshoot with the adopted child with the new family is an excellent gift idea. By clicking a number of pictures together, adoptive parents and their children can create priceless memories that are forever in everyone’s heart. Moreover, it makes the child understand his place in the family.   

12. A Cute Briefcase

Adopting a child includes a lot of legal work and documentation, so why not gift a cute briefcase to the adoptive parents and their children? It will help preserve all the important documents along the adoption journey?

All the papers, such as the birth certificates and adoption forms, are neatly placed there in an organized manner. So, presenting a nice suitcase to the adoptive family is a great gifting option.

What Is An Appropriate Gift For Adoption

13. A Photo Frame

Gifting a cute photo frame for the adoptive parents’ family picture can be a great gift. While a family photograph brings joy, it also makes every family member come together. 

Having memories with the family is worth saving and strengthens the bond daily. Moreover, having a family photo makes the adopted child more comforting and makes him feel at home every time.

14. Planning family outing

Arranging for a family trip to the fresh family is helpful to make everyone comfortable. The adopted child gets a closer look at the behaviors and manners of the adoptive parents and vice versa. 

In cases where other relatives are also involved, the adopted child gets to know them in a better way. Further, it is a super cute way to make the first holiday with the new parents memorable.

15. Gift baskets

There are customized gift baskets available in the markets for the adoptive family. These are majorly given as an indication of a warm welcome to the new family member, which consists of chocolates and packed juices for him. 

What Is An Appropriate Gift For Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

What to give someone on their adoption day?

There is a vast collection of gifts in the gift shop, from toys to coloring books. It also depends on the child. A soft toy might be a good idea a baby. If he is mature, then a storybook is a perfect gift. 

Do you bring a present to an adoption party?

Yes, everyone should bring a small present to the adopted child at the adoption party. Giving gifts makes them feel part of the family and gives them a positive approach to their new lives. They are considered perfect for showing the adoptive parents that you care for them.

What is the symbol for adoption?

The symbol, also known as the adoption triad, represents a triangle intertwined with a heart. The triangle’s three points represent the adopted child (at the top), his/her birth parents, and adoptive family.  

Is there a flower that symbolizes adoption?

As such, there is no particular flower symbolizing adoption but lotus and lily flowers are symbols of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Every flower is considered to bring peace and is deemed to be auspicious.

A Few Final Words

The gift you give to the adoptive parents and their child depicts your love for them. If you put extra effort into selecting the present, you can choose the best gift for your loved ones. 

In the end, we hope you got a clear picture of different gift ideas for adoptees and adoptive parents. I am thankful to you that you took your time and read the article. I hope so far it has been beneficial for you. Do share us some of your ideas for gifting at an adoptive party as well!