What Chakra is Onyx?

The black onyx has been a mystical and magical symbol since ancient times. But did you know its association with chakras? What chakra is onyx used for in balancing and healing? Read below to find out more.

Onyx is a rarely found stone. In earlier times, people believed that a demon was enclosed inside the stone and would come out at night. In the modern-day age, Onyx is often used to bring stability to a relationship and deal with past traumas. 

Onyx comes in black and white-colored stones. The stone has been named after the Greek word ‘onux,’ which means claw in English. 

When cut, the layered colors can be seen in an onyx. This gemstone symbolizes happiness, regeneration, and many other good characteristics that a human being can bring to life after wearing one. 

In this article, we will discuss Onyx and its relation to the chakras to understand better how Onyx can positively impact your life. 

What Chakra is Onyx

Meaning of Black Onyx

The bold and contrasting color of the stone has always fascinated mankind. It is believed that this black stone can shape the future of a person. There has always been a mystic aura about black Onyx, and the stone has appeared in the enigmatic tales and folktales in several countries, such as the countries in Asia, North America, and South America. 

Onyx has been an integral part of Feng Shui culture. It provides intense spiritual energy to the wearer or the bearer of the stone, the stamina and perseverance required to get through the dark days. 

The people of China, where Feng Shui originated, believed that the holder of Onyx would remain protected from all the evils. 

If Indian and Persian cultures are considered, Onyx is believed to protect someone from evil. To get a harmonious relationship, several Indian gemologists recommend people put on an onyx in a ring or a bracelet containing an onyx. 

The black and white colors of Onyx are believed to symbolize the strong bond between two people who can have different sets of opinions. Astrologists all across the globe recommend Onyx to the people having star signs of Leo and Capricorn (as these are believed to be the most ambitious star signs among all) to make them more powerful and courageous with their life decisions. 

What Chakra is Onyx

Black Onyx and Its Connection to the Chakras

There is a fascinating story about the formation of Onyx in Greek mythology. Once Cupid cut his fingernails for the goddess Venus who is his mother using his love arrows. The fingernails fall in the Indus river straight from the heavens on Mount Olympus and turn into Onyx. 

This dark gemstone is known for activating a few chakras in the body to make the wearer focus on their creativity to present a solid understanding of different aspects of life. This excellent stone is also capable of opening new horizons for persons seeking wisdom. 

Black Onyx is associated with the root chakra, and this association establishes a strong bond between the user’s mind and the body. Other variants of Onyx, such as green Onyx, are used for the heart chakra, whereas white Onyx removes the blockage in the crown chakra.

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Advantages and Healing Properties Possessed by Black Onyx

Onyx is used to keep negative energies away and to bring good fortune in life. Like other black-colored gemstones, black Onyx also has healing properties and will work as a shield against anything harmful to you. Onyx can provide the required strength and willpower to the person wearing it. 

Physical Healing Properties

If you are someone who often experiences nervous breakdowns, then black Onyx can provide you with much-needed stability. This gemstone will keep a check on how your nervous system is functioning. In case you are suffering from a long-term illness and getting fatigued after much less work, black Onyx can boost your stamina to get your life back on track. 

Onyx will keep encouraging your physical body for any injury or healing. Other than that, Onyx also supports the bone marrow and the tissues of the body and makes the teeth and bones stronger. 

What Chakra is Onyx

Emotional Healing by Onyx

Now, as we are talking about healing someone mentally or emotionally, let us tell you that black Onyx can provide the same mental strength that it physically provides to a human body. 

It will teach you the art of self-control, and you can also strengthen your self-confidence. If you are one of those impulsive personalities who burst out in anger over small things in life, then black Onyx can help you manage anger. 

Black Onyx will help you in wise decision-making so that you can make important life decisions rationally rather than being impulsive. Moreover, it is seen that this black crystal is helpful for those who are going through a mourning phase. This gemstone can help you accept without losing your self-identity in the grievance and acceptance. 

Metaphysical Properties That You Should Know

It is believed that black Onyx is a root chakra stone that can keep you connected to the roots and the mother earth. The root chakra is essential for us as it helps us release excess energy that often gets stored in the body due to unproductivity. 

The root chakra is considered the base chakra among all the chakras in the body, and imbalance in these can tear the whole system apart. There is a possibility that your crown chakra might open up. At that point, having a black onyx can keep you protected while helping you with past life exploration and any other psychic activities. 

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What Zodiac Signs Can Use Onyx as Birthstones?

Leos are believed to be highly determined and ambitious and possess various other strong character traits. People with the birth sign Leo are usually short-tempered; as previously mentioned, black Onyx helps manage anger. This is perfect for these hot-headed Leos. 

Although they are full of confidence and strength, they often deal with insecurities that can wreak havoc in their life, especially when they get jealous. Black Onyx helps Leos to remain grounded. After putting on black Onyx, Leo will feel safe and be able to surrender the jealousy and possessiveness. As a Leo, you can also create your path with the presence of black Onyx in your life. 

What Chakra is Onyx

What are the Best Possible Ways to Use Onyx?

Well, there isn’t any specific way to carry an onyx. You can take the gemstone in your pocket and have the protector with you all day. But the chances of losing it increase if you carry it in a pocket everywhere. 

One of the most popular and safest ways to use an onyx stone is to put it in a piece of jewelry. This is highly beneficial because you can keep the Onyx close to your skin. Once it comes in direct contact with your body, it can transmit positive healing properties directly into your muscle, bone, and sole. 

You won’t even realize it, but this black gem will start impacting your life. It will form a shield around you, keeping you away from all the negativity and leading you in the right direction. 

As it is a transformative stone, it will start working actively on your mind and body and change your outlook on life. There will be no delay in functioning, and you will experience immediate results after getting hold of the stone. 

Water energy symbolizes shades of life, quietness, cleansing, and purification of souls, and all of these can be done with the introduction of black Onyx. As we have discussed earlier, black Onyx is used to practice Feng Shui. 

Soft yet strong energy will be produced by the black Onyx, which will create a magical effect on the water-energy, which is an integral part of the Feng Shui practices. 

You can place this gemstone in your favorite place. It can be your office or your home. Just make sure to put it inside a Zen-like temple which is a symbol of mental peace. Most gemologists and Feng Shui experts recommend that this black mystical gemstone should be placed near the entrance, where it becomes more effective due to its protective power. 

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Onyx

When it comes to crystals, there are a few that pair exceptionally well with Onyx. One of these is the powerful stone red jasper, which helps support and energize the root chakra. Red Jasper is also said to help with stamina, grounding, and courage. If you’re working on your root chakra, consider pairing Onyx with red jasper.

Another perfect stone to use with Onyx is smoky quartz. Smoky quartz can help to ground and stabilize you, as well as dispel negative energy. It’s also been said to help overcome addictions. If you’re looking for a way to ground yourself and rid yourself of negative energy, try using smoky quartz with Onyx.

Rose quartz is a powerful heart chakra stone that helps open the heart to all types of love. It encourages compassion, forgiveness, and peace. Rose quartz helps with emotional healing, especially after a breakup or loss.

Green Aventurine is a helpful stone for Heart chakra work as it is said to help one attract love and money. It is also said to be a very positive stone that brings good luck, joy, and optimism into one’s life. So, if you are working with the heart chakra, you can pair Onyx with Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz.

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How Can You Take Care by Cleansing the Black Onyx?

As you will use the gemstone regularly, just like any other stone, you need to cleanse the black Onyx from time to time. We all know that black Onyx is a protective stone that always cleans the bad energy from your life, so it might get heavier, soaking all the negative energies. To remove this dead weight, you need to cleanse the stone. 

One of the easiest ways to do that is using a sage stick. Take the sage stick and light it up. Then move it gently over the surface of black Onyx a few times. The smoke generated from the burning sage stick will surround the stone. Cleaning and charging of the stone often go hand in hand. 

Ensure that the top surface of the gemstone faces toward the sun. You can keep the stone in the open daylight for 6 to 12 hours. If you don’t want to leave your precious stone in the open, you can also choose to keep the stone in the rain or under the moonlight. That will also help in the cleansing process. 

What Chakra is Onyx

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does black Onyx symbolize?

Black Onyx is a symbol of the protector, which will protect you from evil and all the negative energy in the universe. In India, gemologists believe that this gemstone protects the harmony in a relationship. So, it can be said that black Onyx is a symbol of protector in relationships too. 

Can I sleep with black Onyx?

The answer to your question is yes, and you can sleep while wearing black Onyx-based jewelry. When we sleep, our body heals itself as it remains relaxed. Black Onyx can help in the process as negative energy slowly starts to drain out of the body, accumulating over the day as you wear the stone while sleeping. 

Who can wear onyx stone?

Onyx is a gemstone known to bring good fortune to the people wearing them. Leos who have anger management issues can put them on to control their temper, whereas Virgos can also wear them because of their close relationship with the earth chakra. People can also wear all other variants, but black Onyx is the rarest and the most popular.

Can you put black Onyx in the water?

Stones having several pores can get damaged when they are exposed to water. Black Onyx can get dirty with time. So to cleanse it, you can use water, which will not damage the stone as it does not have many pores. 

Final Words

Black Onyx can help you handle your surroundings without being overwhelmed by the situation. It will provide you with the stamina and willpower that is required to deal with the threats that can stop you in your tracks and are capable of preventing you from achieving your goals. 

Black Onyx in your possession will not hurt as your emotional balance will stabilize. You will remain grounded even in overwhelming situations with the help of the gemstone we are talking about here. 

So, if you want to keep all the negative energy away from your life and achieve the ideal balance, then consult your astrologist or gemologist and get a black onyx.