The 10 Best Chakra Books For Beginners

Are you a beginner with the ancient science of Chakras? Are you looking for the best Chakra books for beginners to master that impact of chakras on our life? Here are the 10 best chakra books that will help you get a foothold in this ancient knowledge about how our mind, body and soul is connected to the universal energy.

If you meditate and practice yoga regularly, you must know about the seven chakras. These energy centers spin at seven points of our body and have a great impact emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The chakras help us know where our energy is blocked or imbalanced and how we can help improve our lives.

For people who are new to chakras and want to learn about the chakra system, there are a lot of books related to chakras written by various authors to achieve balance and healing. Here are the 10 best chakra books for beginners, and you can choose the one suitable for you.

The 10 Best Chakra Books For Beginners

The 10 Best Chakra Books For Beginners

#1 Chakra Healing By Margarita Alcantara

The Chakra Healing by Margarita Alcantara is one of the best-selling easy to read and understand books for beginners on the topic of chakras. The Author, Margarita Alcantara, is a teacher, energy healer, reiki practitioner, and acupuncturist. 

This book has a detailed explanation of the chakra system and ways to unblock the negative energy. It covers in detail the different healing methods, from mantras to gemstones. Alcantara also shares how to heal body pain, headaches, stomach aches, and other ailments that are aligned with different chakras.

This book covers the four main topics:

  • Detail explanation about the chakras.
  • Different techniques to heal your chakras with yoga, meditation, essential oils, diets, and crystals.
  • Helpful illustrations with pictures and drawings to make it easier to understand.
  • Symptoms and healing of the chakras that are blocked.

This book is recommended to readers looking for a step-by-step approach with illustrations that make it easier to understand the chakras.

#2 Wheels Of Life A User’s Guide To The Chakra System

Judith interprets the chakra system for the modern lifestyle in the book wheels of life, and it explains the different chakras in depth.

The author of this book, Anodea Judith, is a great thinker, therapist, writer, and spiritual teacher. She is known as one of the great experts on chakras and therapeutic problems.

In this book, she discusses how to use the chakras for good health and strength and improve spiritual knowledge. The visualizations like pictures, drawings, and other illustrations make reading and understanding the chakras more interesting. 

Each chapter in this book starts with a poetic meditation and then explains the chakra in detail, followed by some practical exercises like yoga, breathing, and meditation. This book explains how simple yoga movement balances the chakras if you are a yoga practitioner.

The 10 Best Chakra Books For Beginners

#3 Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Chakras By Cyndi Dale

This book by Cyndi Dale is a comprehensive book that covers almost everything about the chakras and their fundamentals with great illustrations.

The Author, Cyndi Dale, is a renowned author, consultant, and a great speaker. She has written a lot of books on chakras and healing. In this book, she explains our body’s energy systems and how it is aligned with one another. She talks about the energy system’s science, history, practices, and structure in detail. 

You will learn about the chakra system and how it helps personal growth and healing from this book. Further, you will also understand how the chakras have transformed through time and cultures. 

With this book, you can learn what you want by :

  • Chakra meditation.
  • Getting the proper guidance.
  • Improving wellness.
  • Expanding consciousness.

This book is recommended for people looking to gain in-depth knowledge about the chakra system with some scientific and historical information.

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#4 Eastern Body Western Mind By Anodea Judith

This book is excellent for people interested in reading about western psychology and eastern philosophy. This book is an excellent read if you look for in-depth information about the different chakras.

The Author, Anodea Judith, has used a fresh approach to explain the eastern chakras using the western framework based on psychology, childhood traumas, somatic therapy, and metaphysics. While reading this book, you will understand the childhood traumas and abuses that might have happened to you at different chakra levels and learn how to heal them. 

One of the best parts that I liked about this book is that it uses the traditional chakra system and uses it in a modern and psychological way to understand the issues.

#5 The Chakra Bible By Patricia Mercier

If you are looking for a portable guide on the seven chakras, then this book is a go-to-read. The author of this book, Patricia Mercier, is a healer who has worked as an Aromatherapist and has written various books and healing guides. 

In this book, she discussed each chakra and associated them with their color, healing crystals, and physical actions with colorful illustrations. Further, it includes various techniques such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and reiki to balance the energy.

This book is great for beginners as it helps understand the basics of chakras and discusses various ways to balance the energies. It also covers newly-discovered chakras and other philosophies.

The 10 Best Chakra Books For Beginners

#6 The Book Of Chakras By Ambika Wauters

If you want to understand the chakra system and are new to it, the book of chakra by Ambika Wauters provides a great overview. Ambika Wauters is a renowned homeopath, healer, writer, and psychotherapist.

This book on the chakra system is pretty easy to read and understand. It has a textbook-style layout, and all its illustrations, charts, and tables are remarkable. Ambika discusses each chakra and relates it to our mental, physical and emotional bodies.

Activating and balancing our chakras is a way to heal. And the best way of balancing through these chakras is meditation which helps improve brain power.

This book includes:

  • The colorful illustration makes it easy to understand.
  • Ways to balance the chakras by meditation, manifestation, and visualizations.
  • Identifying which ailments, from anxiety to headache to indigestion, are associated with chakras.
  • Different methods to restore balance include sound, acupuncture, colors, and crystals.

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#7 Ultimate Guide To Chakras: Athena Perrakis

The ultimate guide to chakras is a comprehensive book on chakras. This book provides step-by-step guidance on chakras and is a great book for beginners with in-depth knowledge. 

The Author, Athena Perrakis, the founder of Sage Goddess and a renowned metaphysical mentor, discusses the seven chakras and the two additional chakras that help in balancing, healing, and manifestation. She also discusses how the different crystals, oils, and sacred plants are related to each chakra. 

At the end of each chapter, there are magical exercises that access the energy of chakras and include medications and journal exercises. She also shares some healing practices, including healing crystals, aromatherapy, herbs, and tarot cards. 

#8 Crystals For Beginners By Karen Frazier

This book by Karen Frazier is a great book for people who want to learn about crystals. It covers everything about healing crystals, their use, and associated chakras with each crystal. 

The Author, Karen Frazier, is a professional writer, energy healer, sound healer, reiki master, and author. In her book, crystals for beginners, she discusses how you can become your best selves using crystals.

She provides information on around 50 crystals, from the most common to less known crystals, with pictures and diagrams. The author discusses each crystal in detail and how to choose the right one and use it for self-healing and growth.

This book is easy to read and understand for people looking for a simple guide on using crystals to balance their chakras.

The 10 Best Chakra Books For Beginners

#9 Chakra Foods For Optimum Health

This book by Deanna Minich, is excellent for people who want to have theoretical knowledge and learn how food affects chakras and energy balance. 

Deanna Minich is a nutritionist, yoga teacher, and author of 5 books. This book provides all the information through the author’s successful “Nutrition For the Soul” classes, counseling sessions, and workshops.

She discusses how the right food can help improve your energy, open your heart and heal your mind, body, and spirit. She discusses both spiritual and nutritional aspects of food and how it helps us heal from emotional and physical woes.

At the beginning of each chapter, a quiz helps you determine if any of the chakras are not aligned. A case study in every chapter discusses the problems people might have with their chakras and how the right food helped resolve the issue. 

#10 Chakradance By Natalie Southgate

If you practice meditation and yoga but find it hard to pose or stand still for a few minutes, you must read this book. The Author, Natalie Southgate, is an expert in dance, psychology, and energy healing.

Most of the books on major chakras talk about yoga and meditation to balance and heal. This book discusses how dance and music help active your chakras.

Music has vibrational frequencies, and each chakra has its frequency. So when you dance at the right music chakra, it helps activate and balance your chakra. 

This book provides a fun and interesting information about chakras and is excellent for people who enjoy dance and music.

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Wrap Up

So now you will have an idea about chakras and balancing. Yoga, food, meditation, music, dance, and using crystals are all related to the chakras and energy healing. Reading chakra books and practicing meditation will bring positive change in your lives.

I have discussed some of the best chakra books for beginners. I would recommend everyone read each book as there is something unique and different in each book.