Moonstone Chakra Placement

What is the ideal moonstone chakra placement for cleansing and balancing your chakras? Let’s find out in the article below.

Moonstone is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra and divine feminine force, which every gemstone enthusiast admires. With a distinctive appearance of covered light or thin strands of clouds, this feldspar mineral composes approximately 60% of the territorial rocks.

Historically, followers of several art movements belonging to different cultures and social classes have showered appreciation for its power of contributing love, fertility, rejuvenation, and abundance to your life. The stone is renowned to have metaphysical properties associated with the divine. 

Moonstone Chakra Placement

What Is a Moonstone?

Moonstone is a mineral that falls in the orthoclase feldspar group and comprises potassium aluminum silicate. You can easily distinguish it from other similar-looking stones because of its appearance. 

The optical qualities of Moonstone are pretty similar to the labradorite stones. Still, the main difference is Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar (primary constituents are calcium and sodium), whereas Moonstone is an orthoclase feldspar (primary constituent is potassium). 

Moonstone is a naturally formed crystal believed to harness the moon’s power. Alongside that, people also believe that the Moonstone is an embodiment of the relaxing energy possessed by the yin mentioned in Feng Shui. 

Having a moonstone close to your body will ensure that only life remains balanced and only positive things happen in life. Moreover, a moonstone will also enhance your intuition ability. 

Moonstone Chakra Placement

What are the Places From Which We Can Get a Moonstone? 

As mentioned earlier, moonstones belong to the family of feldspars, and this mineral is available in several parts of the world. Most valuable moonstones are available in the Asian subcontinent, mainly in India and Sri Lanka. Blue moonstones are the rarest. Because of the rarity, this variant’s value is much higher than others and only comes from Sri Lanka. 

India is famous for producing rainbow-colored moonstones. Switzerland’s Rheinwaldhorn mountains are the most historic mining site for moonstones. The reason behind this is that Moonstone was first discovered here.

Other mining sites of Moonstone are spread all across the globe. Such as in Myanmar, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Tanzania, and other countries. 

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What Are The Different Colors of Moonstone?

The color of the Moonstone may vary depending on the iron content of the stone. It may be white, beige, blue, reddish-brown, yellowish, orange, greenish or black moonstone.

When goethite (iron oxide) is in the orthoclase moonstone, an utterly red moonstone is formed. The clarity changes from transparent to opaque because of a moonstone’s adularescence phenomenon. 

What Chakra is Moonstone?

Moonstone is strongly associated with the solar plexus chakra of a human being. It helps a person control the emotions and aura generated because it will comfort the person wearing it. In the sacral chakra, the Moonstone can be used to maintain a balance in the sexual energies between you and your partner. 

Moonstone Chakra Placement

Placement of Moonstone in the Chakras

It has been seen that a moonstone shows more productive effects in a feminine body in comparison to the male body. A moonstone is capable of showing effects on the female reproductive system. 

Moreover, Moonstone can also be used in the third eye chakra of your body. This chakra is associated with the intuition ability of human beings so that they can connect with the divine higher power. 

Moonstone Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

You can find your lost fortune and harness the divine feminine energy with a moonstone’s healing capabilities. It also has the power to give you psychic abilities and calm your mind.

This crystal will take you towards the light from the darkness. Moonstones are capable of changing the tides of your life’s journey and will create a connection between all your emotions. 

The healing powers of Moonstone can be both spiritual and physical. Now without any further delay, let’s look at how a moonstone can help you change your life through healing and balancing the properties of life. 

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Physical Healing Properties

People who are suffering from PMS will be greatly benefitted from the use of Moonstone as it has divine feminine energy, which is directly derived from the goddesses. Moonstones can reduce the symptoms associated with PMS and create a balance in the hormonal level. It can reduce negative vibrations and bring your natural cycles in order. 

Every human body is unique, and as moonstones profoundly impact reproductive organs, they can help the body function in its cycle. 

If you are one of those women dealing with fertility-related issues, then a moonstone can be a step towards a healthier life and solving this issue. During pregnancy, you can put on a moonstone as almost all the physical discomforts associated with childbearing get reduced after wearing it. 

Moonstone Chakra Placement

Spiritual Energy Manifested by the Moonstone

If you are dealing with a feeling of loss on a fully moonlit night, then this might be an indication that the moon has profoundly impacted you and is distorting the emotional balance in your life. 

Moonstones will take you out of the darkness. You will be able to create a link between yourself and the universe, and all the hormones in your body will be kept in check, which is often associated with our feelings. Moonstones also symbolize starting a new journey, a new chapter in life. 

Holding a moonstone will keep reminding you that the life cycle will continue no matter what happens in the outside world. You should not be overwhelmed by the changes. With a moonstone in your possession, you will be able to accept the natural healing powers of life.

Change in Energy Due to the Color of the Moonstone 

Moonstones vary in color. Depending on the color, the energy also changes. Many varieties of Moonstone are what make it unique. 

White Moonstone

Are you seeking clarity in life? Then a white moonstone that symbolizes hope will bring the clearest possible light to your life. Emotions in your life will be manifested while maintaining the balance of life. 

Yellow Moonstone

Yellow Moonstone (or Peach Moonstone) will show you light in the darkness. All your fears will go away. In case you are dealing with anxiety, wearing Moonstone will also help you get through this phase of your life.  

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Grey Moonstone

Probably the most mystic-looking Moonstone. A grey moonstone will pool back all the veil so that you can see beyond the horizon. You will feel calm and can make decisions that will profoundly impact life in the future. 

Rainbow Moonstone

When the light goes through a prism, white-colored light breaks into seven colors, as seen in a rainbow. That’s what our life is all about. With a rainbow-colored Moonstone, you will receive goddess energy which will be passed to you through the Moonstone. 

There will be a sweet sense of clarity, and your psyche will remain protected because of the power of this variant of Moonstone. This stone will help you create a cosmic connection that will profoundly impact your life. 

Moonstone Chakra Placement

Blue Moonstone

Balancing the yin and yang will not be difficult anymore as the brightly blue colored Moonstone will balance the positive and negative energies with perfection. Blue moonstone will help you let go of things and will make you aware of the current state of your life. 

There are several other variants of moonstones that can be found all across the globe, but the ones mentioned above are the most common. 

Meditating with a Moonstone

If you want to manifest all your heart’s desires, then you need to place the Moonstone in the heart chakra of your body. You must put it on the ground on a full moon night. 

After the stone soaks moonlight overnight, take a small piece of paper and keep the Moonstone on top of the paper. Keep the charged rock there for a full day and night so your desire becomes a reality. 

After that, you must retrieve the Moonstone, hold it close to your heart for 13 minutes, and meditate. All your desires will satiate as you keep the crystal close to your heart chakra during meditation. Besides that, meditating while being close to the Moonstone can also help in the following situations. 

  • While you are recovering from a personal loss or a trauma. 
  • When you want to nourish your mind through self-care.
  • Want to deepen the connection between yourself and the divine power. Your wisdom will also increase by practicing this form of meditation. 
  • You are seeking new opportunities in life. 
  • Comfort and ease in life. Especially in women who can feel divine after meditating with a moonstone. 

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Moonstone Feng Shui Applications

If you are wondering how to use moonstones in the feng shui of your home. You can also carry a piece of Moonstone with you everywhere you go. 

  • You can place the Moonstone close to your bed or keep it close to your body. You can also choose to keep it under the mattress. The feminine emotions will increase with the introduction of Moonstone in life.
  • Finding the Bagua position can be difficult. Keep it in the bedroom, and you will be able to find the much-needed balance and insight required in life. 
  • Place the Moonstone in the center of the room. Besides that, you can also put it in the drawing-room area, which will bring balance all over your home, and any tension you might be dealing with will reduce. 
  • To be more creative in your workspace, keep the Moonstone in your office. 
Moonstone Chakra Placement

How Do You Care For Your Moonstone?

Like most crystals and gemstones, Moonstone is delicate, and you must handle it with care. Using the Moonstone can get dirty, and you might feel that there is a need to clean it. 

You can clean Moonstones by using warm water. Then mix any mild soap with the water and use the mixture to clean the crystal. After cleaning the stone, dry it using a soft cloth. If you find removing the dust particles from the rock difficult, you can also use a brush with soft bristles. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do I put the Moonstone?

You can wear moonstone as a part of jewelry, such as a ring or a necklace. You can also keep the gemstone near your bed. But according to many astrologists, the best place to keep the Moonstone is on the forehead, where the third eye is located, if you use it for healing purposes. 

What chakra is the Moonstone?

Moonstone is closely associated with the solar plexus chakra. You can place the Moonstone in your body chakra depending on your needs and requirements. Putting in the crown chakra will help one discover intuition ability. Other than that, you can also keep it in the sacral chakra and the heart chakra. 

Who should not wear a moonstone?

People having the sun sign Gemini should never wear a moonstone. If you already wear a cat’s eye or a hessonite, you should not wear a moonstone with any of them. 

Can Moonstone be worn every day?

The answer is yes. You can wear a moonstone regularly. You must ensure that the Moonstone is well secured into the piece of jewelry. 
If you can, try to avoid any strenuous activity while wearing it. Many renowned astrologists recommend that a moonstone be worn with only a silver ring for the best possible results. 

How do you activate moonstone?

Moonstone is a type of quartz that is found in various colors, including silver, gold, light pink, and peach. The different colors are due to the presence of different amounts of iron oxide. 
Moonstone is often used as a gemstone because of its unique spectral properties. It can be activated by heat, acid, or alkaline water, which causes the stones to emit a soft light.

Can you sleep with moonstone?

There is a lot of speculation around the supposed health benefits of sleeping with moonstone. Some say it can help to improve sleep quality, while others suggest that it can help to increase energy and circulation. 
However, there is no scientific evidence to support any of these claims. So, should you sleep with moonstone? The answer is unclear.

Wrap Up

Bringing a moonstone into your life will balance your life, and if you strongly desire to achieve the energy of a goddess, then the Moonstone will help you achieve that. You can embrace the positive energy, and you will also experience change due to the presence of Moonstone in your life.

So, consult your astrologist and start wearing a moonstone if you strongly feel the need. Thank you for reading, and we hope we answered all that you need to know about moonstone and their chakra placement.