The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

Are you a Leo man or a woman? If you are looking for the right chakra stones for yourself, we will share with you the 25 best Leo chakra stones that will help you reduce your mental and emotional stress. 

Zodiac crystals and essential oils have been used to heal and reduce stress and anxiety for many years now. From Kim Kardashian to Adele, many renowned celebrities today have shown interest and belief in the power of stones and crystals. 

But did you know that these stones or crystals could also be used to heal and balance your chakras? Let us talk about the stones most appropriate for Leo Chakra opening and balancing.

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

1. Carnelian

Carnelian is known to assist users in their relationships with people and their love life. It is an excellent stone associated with emotional well-being and helps calm emotions related to exasperation. Meditating with a carnelian on days when you feel low on energy and confidence can be helpful. 

Color- yellowish-orange to reddish-orange to reddish-brown. 

Chakra- Heart Chakra

2. Sunstone

The stone of enlightened leadership, Sunstone is the favorite stone of Leos. It is believed to help self-assured Leos, and those Leos who are born with leadership qualities as Sunstone can help them hone the same. The Leo crystal is a solar crystal and is believed to help drive fame, money, and laurels home, bringing happy cheer for Leos. 

Color- colorless to warm hues such as yellow, orange, and red

Chakra- Base and Sacral  Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

3. Ruby 

Ruby is believed to represent the sun’s powers, and the sun’s energy influences Leo’s sun signs. Ruby is regarded as the best crystal for Leos since it helps in boosting energy levels.

Not only this, this birthstone is known to give an individual self-confidence that can assist one in meeting their goals. It encourages creativity and provides an act of personal courage to deal with all the events in their life. 

Color- Red  

Chakra- Root Chakra

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4. Red Tiger’s Eye

The crystal is linked with passion and arousal. The Red Tiger’s Eye is known to rekindle an individual’s creative side, which they might have been missing out on. It is also linked with sex drive and can assist a person deal with issues in their life related to the same. 

Color- Red, Yellow, and Brown 

Chakra- Root and Sacral  Chakra

5. Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue has been associated with serenity since time immemorial. As is evident from the name, it is another variety of the Tiger’s eye. The Blue Tiger’s Eye assists Leos in dealing with and addressing their emotions. It offers feelings of calmness and equips the user to deal with the people in their lives confidently and better. 

Color- The crystal features bands of variegated hues such as green and grey against an essentially mid and dark blue background. The crystal appears extremely alluring and soothing.

Chakra- Throat  Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

6. Fire Agate 

The stone of high standards, Fire Agate, is a healing stone that helps one build their confidence and ability to speak for themselves. The stone kindles an inner flame that enhances self-confidence, emboldens you to make a decision and cuts down on the insecure side of things.

Placing the stone on one’s forehead in stressful situations can help ease the worry and deal with the situation calmly. It will eliminate any bad emotions or beliefs preventing you from expressing your true Leo self. 

Color- Blue to yellow to red

Chakra- Gut Chakra

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7. Red Jasper

The stone of endurance, Red Jasper, can help Leos deal with criticism effectively. It is also known to help one with their stamina, improve their strength, and empower them with courage. If you feel underconfident, the Red Jasper can be of great help to you.  

The color- dreamy hue of fire red

Chakra- Root Chakra

8. Peridot

The Diamond Authority says that the Peridot is the most crucial stone for the Leo zodiac sign. The study stone Peridot is ideal for ambitious and goal-oriented Leos. It pushes one’s commitment and energy toward their work, leaving the user energetic and in high spirits. Not only this, the stone has a playful side to it and is a heart healer. 

Color- Green

Chakra- Heart  Chakra

9. Amber

The gorgeous golden Amber gemstone is full of deep wisdom. It can help Leos, who are dealing with depressing thoughts. It allows individuals to move out of a negative state of mind and brings balance into their lives.

Not only this, it can be particularly useful to Leos, who are trying to control an addiction. It also blesses them with more creativity and lends them healthy thoughts. 

Color- golden 

Chakra- Root and Sacral Chakra

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10. Garnet

Garnet is known to cleanse and re-energize the chakras, the stone of protection and manifestation. It lends courage to individuals, improves their strength, and promotes loyalty.

Leos struggling with emotional balance can particularly reap the benefit of this gemstone since it helps them attain balance and regain their self-confidence. Garnet also drives creative thinking for Leos, which can be useful for individuals in achieving their goals. 

Color- purple, orange, red, yellow, green 

Chakra- Sacral Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

11. Labradorite 

The stone of transformation, Labradorite, s known for its changing colors. It exhibits the iridescent effect, which is commonly also termed Labradorescence, which is also why the rock is called what it is called. It’s a crucial change companion, providing an individual with strength and protection.

Color- iridescent play of shades featuring a dark base color with a color play of blue, green, yellow, and red

Chakra- Throat Chakra

12. Bloodstone

Bloodstone helps Leos eliminate their fears and grants them the courage to face them. It helps keep negative vibes and energy at bay. It is particularly helpful in times of stress. 

Color- dark green with a splatter of bright red

Chakra- Throat Chakra

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13. Moonstone

The Stone of the New Beginnings, Moonstone, is a blessing for those born under the Aquarius sign. Since it is connected to the moon or lunar energy, it balances the feminine with the masculine energy of a person.

With both the energy suspended in the subtle body, the physical body flows with any ebbs and, thus, enjoys life to the fullest. Moonstone also opens the heart, meaning that the person freely gives and accepts love, compassion, and empathy. Therefore, one must keep this beautiful stone close to themselves throughout the day and night. 

Color – White, cream, Milky yellow 

Chakra – Crown Chakra

14. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline births a feeling of relaxation and helps restore emotional and mental balance when someone feels upset or dejected. It helps them overcome those feelings and not feel drained. 

Color- soft, pale pink to reddish pink

Chakra- Heart Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

15. Black Onyx

The powerful protection stone, Black Onyx, helps keep negative energy at bay. It can be particularly helpful to people in the corporate world who tend to be surrounded by many undesirable competitive tendencies and rivalry. 

Color- Black 

Chakra- Root Chakra 

16. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz helps one strike the right emotional balance. It instills personal power in them and boosts their confidence. Leos struggling with low self-confidence and self-esteem can reap the benefits of the rose quartz stone. 

Color- very light pink (almost white with a hint of pink) to medium-dark pink 

Chakra- Heart Chakra

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17. Yellow Topaz  

The stone of fearlessness, Topaz is known to cleanse the aura and birth feelings of relaxation. Topaz heals, stimulates, re-energizes, and aligns the body’s meridians, directing positive energy to where it is most needed. It encourages honesty and forgiveness. 

Color- yellow

Chakra- Solar Plexus Chakra

18. Crimson Cuprite 

Cuprite is known to assist the user in dealing with stress, and it helps keep stress away from an individual’s life. Its energies are also potent in helping rekindle the creative side of an individual. 

Color- Red, Brownish Red, Blackish Red 

Chakra- Base Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

19. Amethyst

Amethyst is a great crystal for Leos because it allows them to manage their strong energy without losing their admirable passion and determination. Amethyst allows Leos to connect with their truest selves and release their most powerful punch.

Color- reddish-purple, purple 

Chakra- Crown Chakra 

20. Black Tourmaline

Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline protects one from negative energies on mental, physical, and emotional levels. It is potent for transforming negative energy into positive. Pregnant women can use it to stay safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Color- Bluish-black, black 

Chakra- root Chakra

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21. Amazonite

The Stone of Truth, Amazonite, helps Leos attain an emotional balance. Not only this, Amazonite can help one bring clarity to their everyday decisions. Some also believe the stone brings luck when it comes to winning at work, competitions, lotteries, and the like. 

Color- green, blue-green

Chakra- throat Chakra

22. Lolite

Lolite helps Leos reduce feelings of stress and worry, which Leos requires from time to time. 

Color- light to dark blue, violet

Chakra- third eye and throat  Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

23. Pyrite

Pyrite helps Leos let go of the phobia of how people perceive them, such as stage phobia and the fear of facing and presenting one’s work and oneself among too many people. It helps the spiritual and emotional abundance and financial success of an individual. Material wealth, spiritual and emotional abundance, and financial success will all be attracted by the good vibrations of these jewels. 

Color- shimmery golden

Chakra- Solar Plexus Chakra

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24. Lepidolite

Lepidolite assists in emotional well-being and eliminating stress from an individual’s mind and body. People looking to establish a strong connection with their true inner self and setting forth on the journey of exploring the same can find this stone particularly useful. 

Color-lilac grey or rose

Chakra- Throat and Heart Chakra

25. Tiger Iron   

Tiger iron empowers, helps develop courage, strengthens, and gives confidence to an individual. It also helps balance the masculine and feminine energy, which provides a person with overall contentment. 

Color- Red, Golden Yellow, Metallic Grey

Chakra- Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra

The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

What Color Stone Is Best for Leo?

Any yellow healing crystal will strengthen your power and ability to be a leader by working with your solar plexus chakra. Since Leo is essentially a sun sign, yellow is the most suitable and potent color for a Leo stone. One may choose to wear it in the form of crystal jewelry or use it in their surroundings as crystal stones.

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How To Use the Stones?

Some ways of using stones are: meditating with them, using them as a touchstone, wearing them, putting them in your bath, and making them a part of your surroundings. 

  • Wearing crystals helps assimilate and attract that energy better; one can do this by wearing jewelry made from a particular gemstone. 
  • Meditation is therapeutic. The same benefits can be increased manifold by incorporating a gem into your meditation routine. Hold on to a powerful stone as you meditate. 
  • Not all crystals are meant to be in your bathtub; hence, do your background research before popping them in your bath. Regardless, some, such as rose quartz, can go in there, and you must consider reaping the same benefits.
  • You may use your crystals as a touchstone. Consider keeping them in your wallet so you can touch them multiple times in a day. 

How To Cleanse Stones and Jewelry?

While there are certainly numerous methods to cleanse stones and jewelry, a few methods for cleansing crystals are employing the sacred sage plant, water, saltwater, and brown rice. 

  • Sage is a predictable name when it comes to cleansing. It is best to smear the crystal outside or near a window if you are doing it indoors. Light the sage and move the crystal you wish to cleanse through the smoke. 
  • Cleansing with water is known to help reduce the amount of negative energy trapped inside the stone. You may keep the stone under running water and cleanse it gently yet thoroughly. 
  • Soaking a stone in saltwater to be completely submerged and letting it remain undisturbed in the same position for a few hours to a few days is another effective cleansing method. One must then dry the crystal with a clean washcloth or towel.
  • Rice, specifically brown rice, is also potent for absorbing negative energy and eliminating the same from a stone. In a bowl of brown rice, bury the stone so it is not visible from the top. Let it remain undisturbed in the same position for a day. After that, throw away the brown rice since it is unfit for any use after absorbing the negative energy.
The 25 Best Leo Chakra Stones

In the End 

The Leo Zodiac sign is a sun sign, and Leos show many traits in their nature such as humility, ambition, and leadership; one may look into what they are trying to heal and then decide which gemstone you need. 

Lastly, we are more than delighted to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and views in the comments section and consider sharing this with fellow Leos.