How To Overcome Fear Biblically?

Fear is not easy to come with it, whatever it may be the fear of. Here’s how to overcome fear biblically and what lessons God has for us to learn from.

Fear is an emotion that everyone feels or has felt at some point, and it can restrict your mind and make you anxious about everything in your life. The Bible teaches how to overcome fear, and you will find that a connection with God and faith in Him will help you go a long way in dealing with fear. 

In the Bible, it is mentioned that one should not be afraid about 365 times, and these words of God will comfort you and guide you through all your troubles. 

How To Overcome Fear Biblically

What does the Bible say about fear?

The Bible has many verses about fear, what it may appear to be when it might strike you, and how you can overcome it. When you read the Bible, you will find that every verse that talks about fear preaches a singular thought, and that is not to be afraid. 

God speaks these words to many of his disciples throughout the Scriptures. You will find these words being reminded to Moses, Paul in Acts 18:9, and even to the Israelites in Exodus 20:20. 

In Matthew 8:25–27, disciples visited God to tell him how they were perishing. God reminds them of their faith and soon calms the troubles. If you read Luke 1:12–14, you will find a similar sentiment. 

When Zechariah was afraid, as he and his wife were growing older and still childless, a stranger visited them. The stranger said his prayers would be answered, and Elizabeth would soon have a son. This is an important example of how prayers in the face of fear can be of immense help. 

There are many more examples in the Bible. Close reading is therefore critical to living fearlessly. But you cannot just read, and you must remember to apply what the Bible teaches you in everyday life. 

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Biblical Truths About How to Overcome Fear

If you are wondering how to overcome fear biblically, there are a few truths that you must know. These will not only help you overcome fear but also find peace within. 

Take a look at the biblical truths given below. 

Realize That God is With You

God is omnipresent, and so you can place your trust in Him. It is vital to be sure of God’s presence and trust that He will hear your prayer and help you overcome your fear.

While one cannot help but feel afraid at times, faith in Jesus Christ will help to banish those thoughts. Being anxious is common, but you should realize that God is right there with you to help you. So call out, pray, and believe in the power of his presence. 

How To Overcome Fear Biblically

Because God is Good, You Can Trust in Him

While it is essential to keep the faith, sometimes that might waver. Today’s world is harsh, and you may find it difficult to trust God. The Bible, too, talks about challenges in the world and how not everything will be good at all times. 

When things get tough, you need to believe in the goodness of God. It will help if you focus on God instead of on all that is bad, as, with time, God’s presence will heal all troubles. 

Seek the Peace of God

It is easy to give in to fear, but overcoming it is far more rewarding. This is because overcoming fear will bring you inner peace. God will grant you this peace that will help you never to feel fear again. 

His presence is calming, and the moment you trust in His peace, you will be so afraid any longer. Perfect peace in this world is hard to come by, which is why fear can grip you. But if you seek peace from God, no fear can conquer you. 

Replacing Fear with Love 

Whenever you feel afraid, insecure, or anxious, you need to know that a sense of love can overpower all of those feelings. Love is the strongest of all emotions. If you can replace fear with a feeling of love, you will be in a better place. 

However, it is not always easy. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and not find love in times of need, especially when you cannot cope with fear. At times like these, you need to pray to God, and he can shower you with love and help you overcome fear. 

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Be Strong and Of Good Courage

Inner strength is vital in the face of fear. God’s presence is often in your sense of strength and courage. When things get tough, call on God and summon your strength and courage. 

Remember that God is always by your side, so there is no fear that you cannot overcome. Be brave and meet the challenges. God will guide you, and you will win against all fears. 

How To Overcome Fear Biblically

Instead of Just Sitting and Worrying, Do Something About It

Being afraid is a natural and human response. But this fear will continue if you do not take action. Trusting God is necessary, but He will only be able to help you if you help yourself. So, take charge of your life. 

Be sure of your faith and turn to the Scriptures. A reading of the Bible will offer clarity and give you a course of action and reinforce your belief in Christ Jesus.  

Realize that fear can be healthy too

There is such a thing as healthy fear. It is important to be afraid of the right things and use this fear to overcome obstacles in your path.

Ways to Overcome Fear

While you can read the Bible and learn the verses, you may still need some direction to overcome fear. This process includes five steps, and read on to learn about how you can overcome fear. 

Be Still 

When you are afraid, it is not possible to be calm. But you can stay still and take deep breaths. Trying to calm down will not happen in a minute. If you try to sit still and reflect, eventually, you will be able to calm yourself. 

This is also an excellent time to study the Scriptures and remind yourself of your faith. It will help you quieten the storm within yourself and collect your thoughts, banishing those that inspire fear. 

How To Overcome Fear Biblically


It is through prayers that you can communicate with God. The Bible says that you should always pray and talk to God. When you are afraid, you are likely to worry about everything, which is when you need to pray. 

Prayers will help connect you to God, and you can tell Him of all your worries. Praying will also help you surrender to God and trust that He knows of your troubles and will guide you through them. 

Seek Community 

The Bible preaches how meetings are essential, and encourages people to come together and help each other become strong. Community is strength in the face of fear. It would be best to be around people, seek loving relationships and honor them. 

God is in all things pure, and a nurturing community is one of the purest things in the world. The support of such a community will help you fight all your fears. 

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Fear makes you anxious, but it can also distract and disturb you. This is when you have to focus on your situation. It is essential to focus on the good and the pure in the world.

Now you may find that difficult, but if you remind yourself of God’s presence, you will be able to find moments in life and things in this world that are right and admirable. Focusing on these elements will help you overcome your fear. 


While it is easy to talk about overcoming fear, the actual act is challenging. To make it possible, you need to practice the above steps. You also need to practice and apply the teachings of God to daily life. Read the Bible and include small acts of faith every day. This will bring you closer to God and help you be courageous enough not to be afraid anymore. 

How To Overcome Fear Biblically

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you get rid of the fear of the mind and heart spiritually?

If you are wondering how to overcome fear spiritually, you need to learn five steps. These include staying still, praying to God, finding a supportive community, reading the Bible, and using its lessons in life. 

What does the Bible say about the spirit of fear?

The Bible talks about fear and how one can overcome it. It is mentioned several times in the Bible that one must not be afraid and have faith that God will help them and guide them through. 

What does fear do to you spiritually?

In a spiritual sense, fear can drive you away from your faith. It can also trap your sound mind and force you to obsess and worry about certain things. Fear causes acute anxiety and can interfere with mental peace. 

Wrap Up

To overcome fear, you must keep your trust in God. This is the most important thing. If you lose faith, your fear will increase, getting even more challenging. Trust that God is always around, pray to Him, and find solace among others who trust Him. 

Above all, stay strong. Allow God to show you the way and find peace around yourself. We hope this article helps you connect to God and not be afraid. Thank you for reading.