How To Get Over A Taurus Man?

If you were dating a taurus man and it ended, its hard to put yourself out there once again. Here’s how to get over a taurus man, and some things to work on next time you are with one

If you are in a relationship with a man with a Taurus man, he will take little time to commit to the relationship. But once he commits, he will be loyal and reliable to you. He will always treat you with love and care. Taurus is one of the earth signs, so you need to be aware of the characteristics of this kind of man.

Moreover, he will not play games with your mind. He is honest with his woman and will try to settle with you throughout his life. On the other hand, men born with the Taurus zodiac sign are stubborn and very possessive towards their partner, which may make you bored. 

So, how to get over a Taurus man? You can stop contacting him to move on with your life. Moreover, try to spend time with your family or friends and focus on yourself for a while so that you can forget them and move on.

We discuss more about being in a relationship with a Taurus man, and what to do when it comes to an end.

How To Get Over A Taurus Man

What Are The Strengths And Weakness Of Having Taurus Men In a Relationship?

#1. Taurus Men Have Independent Mind

Taurus men usually have an independent mind. You cannot force them to do anything.

#2. Taurus Men Are Determined

Taurus men are determined. Once they decide to do anything, then they will try their best to achieve the goal. So, if you are in a relationship with a Taurus guy, remember he will not break up with you easily. So if you want to continue your relationship, then support him in his endeavors.

#3. Taurus Men Are Loyal Friends

Taurus men usually take time to make friends. But once they make friends, they will always stand by you through thick and thin. So, if you are in a relationship with a guy having a Taurus sign, then the guy will stand and support you in every situation.

#4. Taurus men Are Stubborn

Taurus men are usually stubborn and will never accept things that do not meet their aspirations. The stubborn trait of a Taurus man can create conflict in a relationship.

How To Get Over A Taurus Man

#5. Taurus Men Are Possessive

Taurus men are usually possessive. They expect their girlfriends to lead life according to their way. So, if you are currently dating a Taurus guy, then you will find him always jealous and possessive towards you.

#6.Taurus Men Like Comfortable Environment

Taurus men always like to stay in a comfortable environment which offers them security.

#7. Taurus Men Are Romantic

If you are dating a Taurus guy, he may give you flowers regularly, showing his love towards you. He will like to take you to romantic places on earth and buy jewelry on special occasions.

#8.Taurus Men Like a Routine Life

Taurus men want a life that has routine and structured. So, if you are in a relationship with a Taurus guy, you will expect his life to be full of outlines and rituals.

#9. Taurus Men Can Be Easily Offended

If you are dating a Taurus guy, then better avoid saying anything that can criticize him because he may negatively take your response, and it can create issues in your relationship.

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What Does A Taurus Man Want In A Relationship?

#1. Stability

Taurus men are usually stable and grounded towards the earth. So they want their partner also to be mature and stable.

#2. Loves When His Partner Appreciates Him 

Taurus men will always be protective of their life partners. So, if you are dating a guy with the Taurus zodiac sign, they will stand against you in both bad and good situations. He loves when you appreciate this trait. They also like small gifts that show you care.

How To Get Over A Taurus Man

#3. Understanding

A Taurus man will not speak everything about them on first dating. He will reveal almost everything when the relationship becomes strong. So you need to be patient and give him some space. Don’t pressure him or push him to do things he doesn’t want to do. It can ruin your relationship.

#4. Extra Attention

A Taurus guy will love when you give him extra attention. Shower him with love, expensive gifts and your time.  A taurus man is also hungry for sensual pleasure, so make sure you give him what he wants.

#5. Loyalty

Taurus men are loyal to their partners. So they expect the same thing from their partner. Again never say lie if you are dating a Taurus boyfriend; otherwise, it will ruin your relationship.

#6. Trust

A Taurus man takes a long period of time to believe his partner. He may take your tests to check your loyalty and see if there are any red flags. If your actions are consistent and you are loyal, only he will be in a relationship with you. Simultaneously he expects you to have trust in him.

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How To Move On After A Break Up With A Taurus Guy?

Below are a few tips that you need to follow to move on in your life after breaking up with a guy having a Taurus sign.

#1. Change Your Environment

You and your ex-boyfriend have spent time lot of time in your homes like the kitchen, garden or bedroom. You can think of redecorating your house by painting some new color in your bedroom or putting on some new curtains. These recent changes in your home may help you move on in your life.

How To Get Over A Taurus Man

#2. Change Your Diet

Were you overeating pastries, chocolates, wine, and other things while in a relationship with a Taurus guy? If yes, try changing your diet and having some healthy juice or seasonal fruits and vegetables. It will help you in reducing your waistline and increase your glow.

#3. Do Some Exciting Things

Have you repeatedly been bored by visiting the same restaurant or friends with the Taurus guy? Then you need to try something new to spread your wings and fly. 

For instance, you can go to a club or restaurant which you have never seen before or read a spiritual book from time to time. There are many exciting things that you can do to move on in your life after breaking up with the Taurus guy.

#4. Go For Massage

You may be missing the gentle touch of your Taurus guy. I think this is the only thing you like about your Taurus guy despite being dull, stubborn, and boring. 

After all, everyone wants to be loved and cuddled by their boyfriend. You can book a massage for one or two times a week or go to a spa resort for a couple of weeks with someone you can trust.

#5. You Can Bring A Pet To Your Home

You can bring a pet dog or cat to your home. His hug and love will help you move your life. Moreover, they will help release some hormones in your body to make you happy. It is a fantastic idea to divert from life after breaking up.

#6. Take A Break From Regular Routine

You can take a break from the routine and travel to some new places, engage in hobbies, or spend time with your family members to move on with your life.

How To Get Over A Taurus Man

#7. Avoid Keeping Contact For Some Days

The Taurus guy will try his best to continue his relationship with you. It is because men with the Taurus signs cannot handle break up easily. Moreover, they will try their best to hold the relationship because of their stubborn trait even if it will not work anymore.

Answering his messages or calls will pull you many steps back even if you want to move on in your life. Don’t answer his calls or messages after a breakup with the Taurus guy so that you can move on in your life. Show him that you are an independent woman and do not need his affections.

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How To Get Your Taurus Man Back?

#1. Limit How Much You Talk With Him

Taurus men usually don’t lie about changes in their life. If you constantly talk with him on the phone and suddenly stop doing so, he will begin wondering whether he did the right thing in leaving you. 

Try to give him some space so that he can feel your absence. Don’t try to respond to him immediately. Allow him to realize about you.

#2. Live Your Life

Try to be busy in your own life and show the Taurus guy that you don’t miss him. Engage in hobbies like gardening or go to a movie with your friends. You can even try to write some poetry or go hiking.

#3. Focus On Your Self And Your Beauty

Try to put some effort into your appearance so that the Taurus guy can realize what he is missing. You can do a new haircut or try some new outfits. 

Then take a selfie and put it on your social media. It may make your Taurus boyfriend jealous, and he will start suddenly missing you,

#4. Try To Flirt With Him

If you are present nearer to your Taurus boyfriend, then find an opportunity to touch him physically. You can hug him while saying goodbye or pat him while talking. Your touch will remind him about you, and he will start missing.

How To Get Over A Taurus Man

#5. You Can Hang Out With Other Guys

Taurus men are usually possessive about their girlfriends. You can take advantage of this trait. Try to hand it out to other friends, click a picture, and then post it on social media. It will draw your Taurus boyfriend’s attention and make him realize that you don’t have only one option. 

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. How do you make a Taurus man regret?

Show your success
You can use his favorite fragrance or outfit when he is nearby.
Hangout with your friends
Change your appearance and try to look good than before
Stop contacting him.

#2. How do you know a Taurus is done with you?

When your Taurus boyfriend doesn’t respond to your romantic gestures.
When your Taurus boyfriend stops protecting you 
When your Taurus boyfriend stops spending money against you.

#3. Will A Taurus man miss you after the breakup?

If you had recently had a breakup with a Taurus guy, you would also find possible ways so that he will miss you. For instance, you will stop contacting him so that he will start missing you or post some pictures with your friends to draw his attention.
Taurus men are stubborn. So, it’s a bit hard for them to miss their partner. 

A Few Final Words

Taurus guys are loyal and reliable and stand by your side in every thick and thin. But they are a bit stubborn and possessive towards their partner. If you want to be in a relationship with a Taurus guy, you also need to be loyal to him. Moreover, you need to be stable and grounded and give him extra attention.

Thank you for reading the article, and hope we have covered everything related to a relationship with a Taurus guy in this article. Do leave us your comments in the box below.