How To Get Over A Gemini Man?

Gemini men are charmers. Its hard to forget one after a breakup. Here’s how to get over a Gemini man, and some tips on how to avoid the breakup in the first place.

Gemini men are sometimes difficult to get over. They are often very charming and persuasive but can also be unpredictable and frustrating. It can be hard to know what to expect from them, making relationships difficult. 

However, getting over a Gemini man is often worth the rewards. They are often highly creative, intelligent, and infectious positive energy. But getting into their private space is hard. You need to know a few things to get over a Gemini man, and here we will be discussing them in detail. 

How To Get Over A Gemini Man

Things To Know About a Gemini Man

Gemini men are often considered the most loving and caring men in the world. However, Gemini men can be pretty challenging regarding negotiations in a relationship. 

They are usually very articulate and persuasive, making it difficult for their partners to understand what they want or how they feel. Gemini men need to be respected and understood to create a successful relationship.

Gemini men are hard to figure out. On the one hand, they can be incredibly sweet and caring. But on the other hand, they can also be very selfish and inconsiderate. 

They can be very quick to anger and struggle to express their feelings. It can be difficult for a Gemini man to build a strong relationship with someone because he constantly moves around and tests new things.

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How Does a Gemini Man Behave After Breaking Up with His Partner?

Gemini men feel significantly hurt right after the breakup, taking a long time to recover from this setback. Due to their optimistic attitude towards life, they will soon start healing the scar given by their ex-relationship partner. You need to keep a few things in mind about how a Gemini man can act after the breakup.

  • Gemini man can play the victim card to get sympathy. The man will try to get back to you after the breakup. 
  • He will blame you for the break up and cause a lot of drama.
  • They will suffer in silence and will take a break from everything for a short period. 

If you are sensing that your Gemini partner will break up with you or you two have already ended the relationship, then you should know the following about this situation. 

How Do You Feel After a Gemini Man Breaks Up With You?

Gemini men are often seen as being very perceptive and understanding. This makes it difficult to break up with them because they can always know what you are feeling. 

After a Gemini man breaks up with you, it can be challenging to cope with the pain and confusion that comes with the breakup. Often your feelings and their actions can drive you crazy.

Things will get confusing.

Gemini men find it challenging to deal with emotions. There will be several signs of unhappiness before your partner decides to break up. 

Due to the difficulties in the relationship, your partner will end up making you feel exhausted in the relationship. After the breakup, your partner will try to show you that he does not care about you but will keep track of every activity of yours secretly. 

You might feel confused about this behavior of your partner or ex-partner. Because of his guilt, he will keep trying to get in touch with you. 

What other people think is very important to him, and he will keep trying to register that he is not a terrible partner. If you are experiencing this behavior, you should know that he is just trying to clear his conscience and nothing else. 

How To Get Over A Gemini Man

Miserable Treatment

The Gemini man will start signals that he has lost interest in you and will always make excuses about it. He can also say some bad words to you to break up, and after the break up for the initial period, they will try to convince you to get back in every possible way. 

Seeking Newness

Gemini men love variety in every aspect of life, and relationships are no different. Simply because they want challenges in life, a Gemini man may ignore you entirely and seek newness in other women. Eventually, he will come back to you. If this thing keeps on happening several times, then don’t entertain any such behavior of a Gemini man. 

Why Is Your Gemini Man Ignoring You?

If a Gemini man is ignoring you, then there might be some reasons behind that behavior. Now let’s look at the primary reasons for the ignorance shown by a Gemini man.

He lost his interest

The primary reason behind ignoring a partner in a relationship irrespective of the sun signs might be the lack of interest in the person. 

If a Gemini man starts losing interest in you, you will notice certain red flags such as lack of communication, fewer physical meetings, etc. Under these circumstances, you should stop and let him go. It’s hard to swallow, but that’s the harsh reality. 

The overwhelming feeling

One of the most common reasons behind ignorance is that the man feels overwhelmed by the show of emotions from his side. If you realize that causes your man to ignore you, slow down things a bit. 

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Upset or feeling hurt

When a Gemini starts ignoring you, there are two possibilities: either they are feeling hurt, or they are being upset about something. You can reflect on past events to know what is the reason behind any of the behaviors. 

Gemini men don’t know how to deal with intense emotional feelings. That is why he will start ignoring you while being hurt or upset. 

Getting close to other girls

If you guys are dating each other, he might still be seeing other girls. He may not be entirely sure about the decision to make you the romantic partner. 

Making him choose between you and the rest will do no good for your relationship. So, it is better to let things be, but don’t drag the matter on for too long. 

How To Get Over A Gemini Man?

Step 1: Cut off the contact

If you’re trying to get over a Gemini man, you first need to cut off all contact with him. This means no calling, no texting, and no emails. The less you communicate with him, the easier it will be to move on.

Step 2: Work on acceptance

​​Acceptance is critical when it comes to getting over a Gemini man. You have to accept that he is who he is and that he isn’t going to change for you. 

You also need to accept that he will never be fully committed to you. He may seem like he’s into you, but ultimately, he will always put himself first. If you can’t accept these things, it will be challenging to get over him.

The best way to work on acceptance is by focusing on yourself. Figure out what makes you happy and what makes you feel fulfilled. S

pend time with your friends and loved ones and do things that make you happy. Once you have a good sense of who you are, it will be much easier to accept that the Gemini man is unsuitable.

How To Get Over A Gemini Man

Step 3: Try to move on

It can be tough to move on from someone who seemed so charming and loving at first, but with time and effort, you can start to rebuild your life. Here are some tips for getting over a Gemini man:

1. Move on: Don’t dwell on the past or keep thinking about what could have been. Accept that the relationship is over and focus on your future.

2. Start a new hobby: Keeping busy can help take your mind off the breakup. Find an activity that you enjoy and stick with it.

3. Practice self-compassion: Be gentle during this time and permit yourself to feel sad or angry. It’s natural to feel these emotions after a breakup.

Does Gemini Man Ever Patch Up With Ex?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Gemini men remain open to getting back into a relationship after the breakup till they decide to move on. They have mutable energy, which is very rare, and they can quickly change the track of things. 

Gemini is a dual sign, meaning that people with this sign have romantic and platonic relationships. There is something about the Gemini personality that makes them crave companionship, which is why they often find comfort in their exes. Gemini individuals are often quick to patch things up with their Ex if they feel down or lonely.

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You?

  • Switch things up a bit: You are perfect but to keep things interesting in a relationship, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. When you try something new, whether it’s a new haircut or dress, he will be dying to see it, and he may miss your old look too. 
  • Make everything count: You have to make him think about you. Have small conversations with him throughout the day, and don’t make them monotonous. Keeping things interesting will strengthen the bond. A strong bond between you and your partner will make him miss you more when you are not close to him. 
  • Bring presents: Geminis like to receive presents, and when the gift is a surprise, it will make them feel your love for them. It might sound materialistic, but it is the reality.  
  • Give him some space: If you want your Gemini man back, you must give him some space. He needs time to process what happened and figure out his feelings. During this time, don’t bombard him with texts or calls. If he reaches out to you, be responsive but not overbearing. When he’s ready, he’ll come back to you.
  • Don’t try to make him jealous: If you want your Gemini man back, don’t try to make him jealous. It won’t work, and it will only push him further away. To get his attention, you need to focus on yourself and your happiness. 

Be upbeat, and let him see that you’re moving on with your life without him. The best way to make a Gemini man want you back is by being someone he can’t live without. When he sees how much he misses you, he’ll come running back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gemini man’s weakness?

Just like any other star sign, Gemini men have their own set of weaknesses. Some of them are mentioned below.
They are unorganized up to a certain extent.
Become restless quite quickly.
Sometimes he can behave in a shallow manner. 

How does a Gemini man test a woman?

A Gemini man can taste you, and in most cases, it has been seen that a Gemini man ignores the woman to see whether she tries to come back to him or not, and even in a relationship, the man sometimes asks questions related to the bond they share.

What makes a Gemini man chase a woman?

If you want a Gemini man to come after you, you must have two characteristics. You have to be unpredictable, which will keep him guessing your next move, and you also need to be mysterious, which will keep surprising him about yourself. 

Final Words

Are you trying to get a Gemini man to want you back the same way you want him? Geminis usually don’t go hard chasing after you. You need to have a deeper understanding of your relationship. 

Then the things mentioned above can help you to achieve your goal. Additionally, being compatible with each other will also help you get over a Gemini man.