How To Adopt A Teenager?

Adopting a teenager has many myths around it. Here are some tips on how to adopt a teenager and make it work. We also talk about the fears and myths that people have, and why adopting a teenager is a great idea!

If you are looking to adopt a teenager and feel confused, then you can make a decision based on emotions. When an individual decides to adopt a teenager, they may be surprised to find a lot of things to consider. First and foremost, the teenager is still a child and needs love and support. 

Adopting a teenager also comes with challenges, which can require patience, understanding, and sometimes even a change in perspective. There are about 140,000 children adopted each year by American families, and many of them adopt teenagers too. In this article, we will learn more exciting details about teenage adoption process.

How To Adopt A Teenager

Can I Adopt A Teen?

Yes, you can adopt a teen; sometimes, it can even be a great decision. While adoption is not always the answer, it can be a viable option for older foster youths. Teens who age out of the foster care system often long for a family to call their own, and want to forget the past trauma of their birth family.

Teens can choose their adoptive parents if they are over 14. This gives them a sense of control and agency in what can be a difficult situation.

Improved communication is key to the successful adoption of a teen. Adoptive parents must be willing to listen and understand what the teen is saying verbally and nonverbally. Teens, in general, are good at expressing their feelings, so adoption process should make themselves available to talk when needed.

Ultimately, adopting a teen can bring great joy to everyone involved. It allows older foster youth to find stability and security in a loving home while the prospective parents also get to start a family of their own.

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What Is The Entire Process For Adopting A Teen?

When adoptive families are considering adopting a teen, they may not realize that the process is not that different from adopting a younger child. Like with any other type of adoption, families will need to work with an adoption agency and complete a background check, which is also known as home study. 

The background check includes everything, such as checking the adoptive parents’ medical records and criminal backgrounds and gauging their financial assets.

Some additional paperwork may also be required, such as consent from the birth parents. Adoption costs will also vary depending on the age of the child being adopted. In many US states, if the child being adopted is 12-14 years old, they also need to consent.

How To Adopt A Teenager

What Are The Major Benefits Of Adopting A Teenager From Foster Care?

When it comes to adopting children, many families are under the impression that they need to adopt a baby. However, many children in the foster care system are older and in need of a permanent home. Adopting an older child can benefit both the child and the family.

Mentorship and Guidance

First, The foster parents can be great mentors and guides to these teen orphans. There are a lot of cases where these kids have a lot of potentials, but they just need someone to guide them properly.

Potential adoptive parents should know that older children can provide guidance and support for younger siblings. In many cases, these kids are more mature and understanding than their peers, which can be a tremendous asset in a home with younger siblings.

Love and Care

Second, these kids need love and care just as much as any other child. They may have experienced difficult things in their lives, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be loved and feel safe and secure in a permanent home.

Helping To Make Them Successful

Third, adopting an older child from foster care can also be very rewarding as when they grow up and become successful, they can also help and support you.

How To Adopt A Teenager


Fourth, these children have already overcome a lot of trauma. They are resilient and can often be very grateful for the love and stability they receive from their adoptive families.

Great Citizens

Fifth, these children make great citizens. Many of them go on to graduate from college and have successful careers. They often strongly desire to give back to their communities and make a difference in the world.

If you are considering adoption, please consider adopting an older child from foster care. You can help them overcome their past and give them a bright future.

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What Fears May People Have About Adopting A Teenager From Foster Care?

One of the fears that adoptive people may have is that they might be criminals. However, this is not always the case. Studies have shown that many kids in foster care are very well-behaved. 

Another fear people may have is that adoption is too expensive. However, this fear is not always the case either. Adoption subsidies are available in most states, which can help offset some of the costs associated with adoption. 

Some people may be concerned that the kids might return to their biological parents after being adopted. However, this is also not always the case. Many teens who are adopted from foster care stay with their adoptive families permanently.

Another fear is that the waitlist for adoptions is so long that it may be years before a child is available for adoption. Some people may also worry that the adoption might not end well and the child could be taken away from them. Others may be concerned about the teenager’s behavior and whether they can handle it.

How To Adopt A Teenager

What Are The Myths About Adopting Teenagers In Foster Care?

There are many myths about adopting teenagers in foster care. The first is that there is no need for teen adoption. The second is that teenagers are too old to learn and be nurtured. Neither of these myths is true.

Teens in the foster care system often need homes just as much as younger children do. They may have experienced more neglect or trauma than children who have not been in the foster care system. This means they may need more help and support to adjust to a new family and home life.

Teenagers can be very capable of learning and growing if given the right environment. They are not “too old” to benefit from being part of a loving family. They may often need a stable home more than younger children do.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What age gets adopted the most?

Hundreds of children are adopted every year in America, and children of all ages are adopted here. But mostly kids above the age of six are adopted in this country which makes for a total of 20% of the total kids adopted. However, adults teens and kids with special needs are also adopted to give them a better future.

Can a 17-year-old be adopted?

Yes, a 17-year-old can be adopted. Many states have no age limit for adoption. Still, there is no legal reason that a 17-year-old can’t be adopted. There are some essential factors to consider, such as the child’s readiness for adoption and the stability of the home environment. 

Wrap up

In conclusion, adopting a teenager can be an enriching experience. By following the guidelines mentioned in this article, you can make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your new teenager. Remember to be patient and understanding and to provide a stable and supportive home environment. Congratulations on opening your heart and home to a teenager in need.