How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Is your heart bleeds for the children who are suffering due to the conflict in Syria, you might be wondering how to adopt a child from Syria? Unfortunately, you cannot. We will explain below the reason why, and what you can do instead.

Since the conflict in Syria started eleven years ago, the refugee crisis has increased, leading to a global displacement issue. While the registered number of refugees is 5.7 million, many more remain undocumented. 

Out of this 5.7 million, 2.7 million are documented to be children. Some have found refuge in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. 

However, many orphaned children remaining in Syria and are subjected to the horrors of war. Unfortunately, adoption from Syria is nearly impossible. This is not a consequence of war but has been the case even before the conflict in Syria. 

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Why is Adopting From Syria So Hard?

When you start researching the question: Can you adopt Syrian refugees? You will learn that while your heart is in the right place, and you want to care for a child who needs support and refuge, it is nearly impossible to adopt from Syria

The country observes the Shari’ah Law, under which it does not recognize the need for adoption. It also does not provide any chance for adoption. This is why it is challenging to adopt a child from Syria. 

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Is Syria a Member of the Hague Convention?

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction ensures that a child abducted by international parents can be returned to their home country. 

The Hague Convention protects the children and protects custodial rights and orders, which may be contested in certain countries. However, with Syria not being a signatory, the children become far more vulnerable. 

Without the Hague Convention, trafficking and other criminal activities become possible. It also becomes difficult for international parents to protect their custodial rights and get their children. 

Unfortunately, Syria is not a member of the Hague Convention. 

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Who Can Adopt a Syrian Child?

According to the Syrian governance, only Muslim parents may be able to adopt a Syrian child. Suppose you are hoping to adopt directly from Syria. In that case, the prospective parents need to be present before the Shari’ah Court.

If the court determines them eligible to be adoptive parents, a written release is granted, and the child is released into their custody. However, the legal proceedings involved in obtaining a written release are complicated. Usually, the release from the court is never granted. 

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Who Can Be Adopted?

If you are hoping to adopt a child from Syria, you need to ensure that the child is an orphan. In countries dealing with war, children are often separated from their parents. Some children are sent away or become refugees for a while before their parents can get them back. 

These children cannot be adopted. You need to prove that the child is an orphan. However, this can be difficult as proper documentation is impossible in conflict-ridden Syria. Hospitals, schools, and government agencies do not have comprehensive records. 

Therefore, it may be challenging to ensure that a child is an orphan and can be adopted by foreign parents.

 How to Adopt a Child from Syria?

If you are wondering how to adopt a child from Syria, you must first register with an accredited adoption agency. Several agencies facilitate intercountry adoption. 

You may not be able to adopt directly from Syria. Still, these adoption agencies will help you adopt Syrian children who are refugees elsewhere. 

Choose an adoption agency

The Adoption process from a different country, especially one that is a warzone, can take years. Therefore, you need to select an adoption agency that is ethical and supportive.

There are also legal proceedings involved. So you need to hire an intercountry adoption attorney. It is best to find someone who has experience dealing with the adoption process of Syrian children. 

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Fill in your forms

Once you have chosen an agency and found an attorney, you must fill in the adoption application form. The information you provide will determine if you can be granted preliminary approval. 

Prospective parents must participate in parenting education classes to be eligible for international adoption. You need to complete a minimum of 10 hours of parenting education. 

Reference documents are essential for intercountry adoption. This includes documents that provide financial proof, background checks, and other information. All documents need to be notarized, and there is also a fingerprint check done. 

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Home Study

Before you are allowed to adopt, a home study is conducted. A social worker will analyze your living conditions and do a background check of all adults in the home. This can prove stressful, but it is essential to stay calm and be completely honest. 

If you are from the USA, you will need to submit Form I-600A with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

To find a child and adopt, you will need USCIS to grant approval. Once you get that, you need to seek approval from Syria. If that is not possible, you need to do so from adoption authorities in Jordan, Amman, or other countries that provide asylum. 

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Finding a Child

After gaining approval, the adoption agency will start to look for an orphan child. You can evaluate available profiles and decide. Once you choose a child, USCIS will launch an overseas investigation to determine if the child is an orphan. 

Once the investigation is complete, you need to make travel arrangements. You need to travel to the country of asylum and meet the child. You can choose to complete the adoption in that country or bring the child back to the US. If you bring the child back, you need to apply for an immigrant visa. 

Getting a Visa for the child

Suppose you complete the process in the asylum country. In that case, you need to submit Form I-600, Petition to Classify an Orphan with the USCIS. Your child will then receive the IR-3 visa and become a US citizen when they step on US soil. 

Now, other countries have government resources that help with the adoption of Syrian children. Suppose you are living in a different country. In that case, you need to check these resources before applying to adopt a Syrian refugee child. 

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Can You Adopt Syrian Refugees in Other Hague Countries?

Since adoption from Syria is impossible, you will need to adopt a Syrian child from a different country. You can adopt Syrian refugee children from Hague countries that provide asylum to them. 

However, there are strict rules and regulations in place. It would help if you moved through proper channels to adopt a Syrian refugee child legally. 

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you adopt babies from Syria? 

You can adopt an orphan baby from Syria. You will need to go through legal proceedings that determine the baby is an orphan and then adopt from the asylum country. It is challenging to adopt directly from Syria. 

Can I adopt a Syrian family?

You cannot adopt an entire Syrian family. However, you can sponsor them through various agencies that provide aid and rehabilitation facilities and try to ensure asylum.

How much does it cost to adopt a child from Syria?

The cost of adoption depends on the agency and the additional fees. You will need to pay application fees, attorney fees, legal charges, and travel fees. There is also a charge involved in getting documents. 
There may be post-adoption fees involved as well. Therefore, adoption from Syria can cost between $15,000 to $30,000. The cost can decrease or increase depending on the circumstances. 

Wrap Up

It is challenging to adopt a child from Syria, but not impossible if you adopt from an asylum country. You need to be patient and ensure that all documentation is correct. 

You will have your child at the end of the term, and all of it will be worth the wait. Thank you for reading, and we hope this article was informative and useful. If you have further questions or doubts, do not hesitate to write to us in the comments section.