How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

Adopting a child from Mexico will give them an opportunity at a new life. The below article is a guide on how to adopt a child from Mexico if you are an American citizen. Read on before you proceed to understand the process.

It is estimated that 400,000 Mexican children are not with their parents, and 100,000 among them are homeless. Adoption is an excellent way to provide for all the basic needs of a child or help a child to move in his life. 

But adoption in Mexico is governed by Hague Convention for intercountry adoptions. So, if you want to adopt a child from Mexico, then you have to be first eligible to adopt by US Government. The article discusses more about adopting a child in Mexico. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

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What Are The Requirements Of The Mexican Government For Adopting A Child?

#1. Residency 

If you want to adopt a Mexican child, the Government of Mexico will want you to stay with the child for almost three weeks. Then your application and petition for adopting a child will be accepted by the Mexican Government. 

Again there involves a lot of paperwork while adopting a child from Mexico. So you have to stay at least three months if you have planned to adopt a Mexican child.

#2. Sufficient Income To Provide All Physical And Financial Needs

You need to earn a specific income and show proof of your bank statement, a photo of your home, tax returns, and a letter that verifies your employment to the court. 

You should be financially good enough to support the adopting Mexican child and provide her with all her basic needs. You need to have two witnesses to prove that whatever documents and information you share with the court are valid and accurate.

#3. Marital Status

The couple who are not yet married can still apply to adopt a Mexican child. However, the name of the one couple should legally appear on the adoption application process. Moreover, adoptive parents can be single or married. They can be of any gender, i.e., a male who is not married can even apply to adopt a Mexican child.

How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

#4.Age Of Adoptive Parents

The age of adoptive parents should be above 25 years old. Moreover, they should be seventeen years older than the adoptive child. If the adoptive parents are married, only one parent needs to meet the age requirements set by the Mexican Government. The other parent can be above or below the age requirement.

#5. Sexual Preferences

Prospective adoptive parents who are same-sex couples are discouraged from adoption in most places in Mexico. Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt only in Mexico City.

Who Can Be Adopted From Mexico?

The Mexican Government first considers adopting a child from a family within Mexico. But if the Court finds that child’s interest is to be adopted by a family outside Mexico, then the adoption process can proceed.

The Mexican authorities who govern the child adoption process will try their best to keep the child’s siblings in the same household. So if you want to adopt a child who has siblings, you should think about your decision. 

You need to consider whether you wish to adopt the siblings along with the child. If you are a child’s family member, then you also need to follow the same application process. You need to mention that you are the child’s family member in the adoption application.

How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

Who Are The Mexican Children In Need Of Families?

  • Children in the range of 5 to teens are usually adopted in Mexico.
  • Both the genders need families. But the adoptive parents can give their preferences.
  • Children with special needs
  • Children with Hispanic ancestry
  • Mexican children need to be adopted because of financial hardship, or in acceptance by unwed mothers, or because the parents of the children cannot meet their basic needs because of economic issues.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt From Mexico?

The process of Adopting a child varies from one adoption center to another. However, the official adoption process of a child starts when the family’s dossier arrives in Mexico. The family who wants to adopt a child in Mexico gives all the details like age, gender, health condition, and other factors.

It takes usually takes 12-24 months to find the correct match. Well, the time frame can vary depending from one case to another. 

What Are The Steps In The Adoption Process For A Mexican Adoption?

#1. Select A Adoption Agency

Your first step is to select an adoption service provider certified and approved by the United States and Mexican Central Authority. 

If you find it difficult, it’s better to contact the national DIF in Mexico to get accurate information regarding which adoption agency is approved by the United States and Mexico’s central authority.

How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

#2. Apply To Know Whether You Are Eligible To Adopt

Once you choose a certified adoption agency, your next step will be to apply to know whether you are eligible to adopt a Mexican child by USCIS(U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). 

The adoption agency approves when the USCIS finds that you are eligible to adopt a child. Later home study and other vital information are verified by the agency.

#3. Your Eligibility To Adopt A Child Will Then Be Determined By the Mexican Government

If the U.S. Government finds that you are eligible to adopt, then he forwards the application to the Central Authority of Mexico. He reviews your application, and If your application is approved, then the Government of Mexico will find out whether any child is there for adoption. 

While applying for adoption, you have to give various information about the child you want to adopt, like gender, health status, background, etc. According to your adoption application, authorities match the most suitable child.

Find a child that successfully matches your qualification, and you are sure that you can meet his basic needs. You can apply to the United States Department of Homeland Security for immigration to the United States. You can apply for the child once he is ready for adoption and immigration to the United States.

#4.Going To Court And Getting The Adoption Legally Approved

The adoption agency you are working with will collect all the paperwork related to adoption and send it to Mexican adoption authorities for review and processing. 

Once the Mexican adoption authorities are reviewed, they will end the paperwork to the court. The judge will review all the applications and appear work, and if everything goes well, you will legally become the adoptive parents of the child or have the legal right to adopt the child.

You and your spouse should appear two times before the judge for verification. The process usually takes almost 6-12 months to adopt a child in Mexico. However, it’s just an estimation; the process may go longer.  You cannot get legal custody of the child until the above four steps are completed.

How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

#5. Get Visa And Bring The Child To Your Home

You will need a birth certificate to get legal custody and bring the child to your home once everything goes in order. The judge issues an adoption decree that names you and your spouse as the adoptive parents of the child. You can use that adoption decree to make a birth certificate. You will need to get three copies of the adoption decree.

Now apply for a passport for the adopted child. You can take the adopted child to the United States once the Visa is issued by the US Embassy in Mexico City. Flights are easily available from Mexico City to many cities in the US.

What Is The Adoption Process In El Paso?

If you are interested in adopting a child in El Paso, there are two primary ways to do so, i.e., as a foster parent or going directly through the adoption process. The general process for adopting a child in El paso is as follows.

#1.Meet Adoption Eligibility Criteria

Every state has specific guidelines while adopting a child. Texas has also set a few guidelines like the adoptive parents can be either single or married and should be

  • At least 21 years old
  • Financially good
  • Responsible and matured
  • Provide references
  • Provide their marriage certificate. If they are divorced, then they should give proof of their divorce.
  • Have a complete home study
  • The parent should share his background and lifestyle

So, if you want to adopt a child in El paso, then you need to meet the above eligibility criteria. You also need to meet some additional criteria if done by the adoption agency you chose.

How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

#2.Submit application

Apply after checking the rules and regulations of both Texas and the adoption agency.

#3.Background Check

Once your application is reviewed, the adoption authority will do your complete background check.

#4.Meet The Adoption Authority

The adoption authority will conduct numerous meetings with you to discuss the entire process and may take your interview.

#5.Pass A Home Inspection

You need to pass a home inspection before bringing a child to your do. The home inspection assures that the child will be safe and secure in your home.

#6.Finalize The Adoption Process

Lastly, you need to sign the paperwork and bring the child to your home.

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What Is The Adoption Process In New Mexico?

If you think about adopting a child in New Mexico, you should be well acquainted with some rules and regulations. However, you don’t need to have unlimited money or a solid career to adopt a child in New Mexico. 

The best thing is there is no age limit to adopt a child in New Mexico. The people who can adopt a child in New Mexico are listed below.

  • A person whom the court has approved as an appropriate parent
  • A married couple whom the court has approved as a suitable parent
  • If a married individual wants to adopt a child in New Mexico without a spouse then either of the following further conditions are to be satisfied:
    • The spouse who is not joining the petition is the parent of the adopted child.
    • The individual and the spouse who is not involved in the adoption petition should be legally separated.
    • The court excuses the spouse’s failure to join the adoption petition for any reasonable situations or conditions.

If you or your spouse has been convicted of a crime, then the nature of the crime will decide whether you can adopt a child from New Mexico or not. If you have committed a crime related to domestic violence, especially if there is a child’s involvement, then it is virtually impossible to adopt a child from New Mexico.

How To Adopt A Child From Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How Much Does It Cost To Adopt From Mexico?

The cost of adopting a child from Mexico varies from one adoption agency to another. So it’s essential to discuss the fees with the agency before signing a contract with them.
Adopting a child in Mexico is usually between $20,000 to $25,000 on average. It may also be less than $20,000.

#2. Which is the easiest country to adopt from?

China is the easiest country to adopt because of its stable and predictable program.

#3. Do they have orphanages in Mexico?

Yes, there are almost 700 orphanages in Mexico, and some are private while others are public and house nearly 30,000 children in Mexico. 

A Few Final Words

Adopting a child from Mexico is a bit difficult because first, you need to meet all the eligibility criteria set by the U.S. Government for adopting a child. 

If you are found suitable, your adoption application is forwarded to the Mexican Government. Mexico has 31 states, and each state has different laws and regulations.

So, if you want to adopt a child from Mexico, it’s best to hire an attorney who knows American adoption laws and the laws of different states in the United States.

We thank you for reading the article and hope everything is covered in the article related to adopting a child in Mexico.