How To Adopt A Child From Canada?

Are you looking to adopt, and have zeroed in on Canada for adoption? Then we will tell you all about how to adopt a child from Canada and bring them to the US in the article below.

Adoptive parents looking to complete their family can fulfill their dream with intercountry adoption. With more than 20,000 children waiting to be placed in their forever homes, Canada is one country where you can choose to adopt a child.

Let us look through the adoption process in Canada and the requirements if you wish to adopt from there.

How To Adopt A Child From Canada

How to Adopt From Canada From the US

If you are looking to adopt internationally but don’t wish to go too far, then Canada might be the solution for you. If you wish to adopt from Canada as a US citizen, here is a guide.

Eligibility For International Adoption: 

The first step to adopting from Canada would be to check whether you are eligible for international adoption. 

  • If you are single, you must be at least 25 years old and a legal citizen to adopt internationally. 
  • As a couple, even if you are separated, you must adopt the child along with your spouse, and the spouse also has to be a US citizen.
  • You must undergo adoption home study, fingerprints, and background checks.

Eligibility For Canadian Adoption:

Every province in Canada has different laws and regulations, so make sure you are aware of them. Some of the requirements that you need to fulfill are:

  • You have to undergo adoption training and complete an adoption home study.
  • You will have to travel to Canada to get the visa for your child since it is a Hague country.
  • Only the children who were not adopted in Canada are available for international adoption.
How To Adopt A Child From Canada

Financial Resources

Adopting from Canada as a US citizen can cost around $20000 to $40000. Check whether you are applying for any tax credit or reimbursement.

Adoption Options 

There are five different types of adoption in Canada.

  • Adoption of an infant, child, or youth from the child welfare system or public adoption.
  • Private adoption of an infant or child.
  • International adoption means adopting a child from other countries.
  • Adoption of a relative’s child.
  • Adoption of stepchildren.

International adoption is the most common adoption in Canada.

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Who can apply

The first step for a US citizen to adopt from Canada would be to apply with USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The application will consist of an adoption home study, application fee, your USCIS form, and other necessary documents. 

Since you are adopting from Canada, a Convention country that participates in the Hague Adoption Convention, you will have to fill out the form I-800A.

Form I-800A is an application that determines an applicant’s suitability for adopting a child from a Convention Country.

Forms I-800A are a way to determine whether the prospective adoptive parents are eligible for adopting a child internationally and can care for the child post-adoption.

The form contains questions about your marital status. If yes, then information about your spouse. It also requires documents like citizenship proof and marital status proof. If other family members reside at your house, you also have to provide information about them.

The charge for filing any of these forms is USD 775. Also, you must pay an additional USD 85 as a fingerprint fee for every person in your house. 

How To Adopt A Child From Canada

Requirements for Permanent Resident Status

If a US citizen adopts a child and then immigrates the child back into the United States before the 18th birthday of the child, then the child will automatically become a US citizen if the adoption process is complete. 

The child, however, should be lawfully admitted as a permanent resident of the US before their 18th birthday, and they must reside under the physical and legal custody of their US citizen parent. 

For an adoptive parent to bring their adopted child to the United States, they must meet certain requirements. USCIS will determine whether the parents are eligible to adopt a child internationally and bring them to the US to live there under the US immigration laws.

Other than that, to be eligible for immigration to the US with an IH-4 or IH-3 immigrant visa, the adopted child must also meet the convention adoptee definition under the US immigration law.

If you can not establish residency for the child, they won’t be considered a United States citizen. Terms and conditions related to permanent residence of the child in the United States :

  • Once the child enters the United States with an immigrant visa, the child has to reside in the United States to become a Citizen of the United States and receive a Citizenship certificate.
  • The child visiting the United States and returning to their home country will not be considered a resident.
  • Having an intention to reside in the United States permanently during or between the visits also will not be considered enough for residence in the United States.
  • If you cannot prove your child’s residency in the United States, then USCIS will send them a green card or permanent resident card instead of a certificate of Citizenship.
  • The child has to reside in the United States with a petitioning parent.
  • Suppose the child does reside in the United States, but before they get Citizenship, the adoption process is disrupted. In that case, the adoptive parent gets two years of legal custody of the child and can reside with the child before filing the application form N-600 for citizenship certification.

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Domestic Adoption In Canada – What You Should Know

There are five types of adoption in Canada, private adoption via an agency, public adoption via the welfare system, international adoption of a child from another country, adoption of a relative, and adoption of a stepchild. Adoption of a child in Canada is not an easy process, 

You need to know a few things about adoption in Canada. Before deciding on adopting a child, there are a few things that adoptive parents should do first.

  • The common reason why people go for adoption is that they have had infertility. In such a scenario, it is important that they let themselves grieve.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to adopt a child.
  • It is better to hire an adoptive agency or an adoption lawyer to help you understand the legalities. Every province in Canada has a different rule and regulation regarding international adoption. The adoption agency will help you fulfill all the requirements of the adoption. 
How To Adopt A Child From Canada

Process Of Adoption In Canada

Following are the steps involved in the process of adoption In Canada.

  • The first step is to check your eligibility for intercountry adoption in the US and your eligibility to adopt a child from Canada.
  • If you are eligible, you need to register with an adoption agency in the US that deals with international adoptions.
  • The adoption agency will then conduct an adoption home study and counseling session to determine whether you can care for an adopted child. The agency will also conduct a background check.
  • Once all these steps are completed, you will enter the waiting phase to meet a prospective child when they are up for adoption. 
  • If you are willing to adopt the child after meeting them, then the adoption agency will start the process for the child adoption and file a petition with the court to adopt the child.
  • There will be a court hearing, and if all goes well, the judge will sign the acceptance of adoption. 
  • After that, the adoptive parent will have to apply for the Citizenship of the child in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a child from Canada?

The cost for adopting a child from Canada can range anywhere from about $20000 to $40000. The adoption home study, filing for the petition, all these processes contribute to the total cost of the adoption.

How many children are waiting for adoption in Canada?

here is no definite data, but on an approximation, the number of children waiting for adoption in Canada can be around 20000 to 30000. You would be surprised to know that many of the children waiting for adoption eventually phase out without finding their forever home and becoming a part of the system.

What countries can you adopt from in Canada?

Some countries do not allow adoptions by Canadian people:
Cape Verde
Democratic Republic of Congo 
Saudi Arabia
Apart from these countries, you can adopt from the rest of other countries as long as you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

How long does the adoption process take?

Canada’s adoption process can take as little as one year or as long as ten years. The time consumed in the process depends on what type of adoption you are going with and which province you are living in. Even though the adoption laws are the same across the country, every province has regulations that differ from each other.

Wrap Up

Adopting from Canada benefits US citizens as they don’t have to go too far. But the adoption process is never simple. To adopt from Canada, you have to fulfill several criteria that we have discussed above. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I hope we helped guide you in your process of adoption.