What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child?

Adoption is not just good for your heart, its good for your wallet too! What are the financial benefits of adopting a child, you might ask? There are many. From adoption subsidies to tax breaks, we discuss it all in the article below.

The first question that comes to the mind of a couple while thinking about adaptation is how they will afford the cost of adoption. The whole process of adoption is quite time-consuming and a little complex in nature. You need to follow both state and federal laws. 

To make adoption successful, you need to ensure that you are financially prepared, as having a child, whether biological or adopted, is a great responsibility. You can get financial assistance in the name of adoption assistance, and in this article, we will tell you about the processes. 

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child

What is Adoption Assistance?

Adaptation assistance, also known as an adoption subsidy, is an essential aspect of adaptation that you should know if you are planning to become adoptive parents of a child. 

Federal and state departments offer adoption assistance, and if you are receiving it from the federal department, it is known as Title IV-E adoption assistance or adoption assistance benefits. On the other hand, if the state department sponsors that, it will be known as non-IV-E. 

This adoption assistance program are designed to help adoptive parents financially to fulfill all the needs of the child they are adopting. Based on a child’s previous records, it will be determined whether the foster parents will get federal or state assistance. 

Working Process of a Foster Care Adoption Subsidy

When and how much Monthly adoption assistance payments or adoption subsidy the adoptive family will receive from state to state. The amount that the adoptive family will receive will be determined before the custody of the child is handed over to you.

Mainly the amount you will receive depends on the child’s needs and requirements. The state department determines how much subsidy a foster family can receive every month. 

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Is Financial Help Available If You Choose to Adopt?

Throughout the foster care process, the foster family of the child will keep receiving adoption assistance and other financial subsidies. They can use that for the betterment of the child. These funds often prove to be enough, but sometimes the funds can prove to be less for the plans you have for that foster child. 

You need to show the foster care that you can fully fulfill all the child’s needs without the subsidies. Showing financial preparation is necessary to make them believe that you can easily overcome the challenges of becoming a foster parent, which means raising a child as long as they are in your care. 

Some cases have been reported where foster families have used the subsidy for unintended purposes. Some foster agencies may track your spending history to stop these kinds of things from happening. 

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child

Why Do Foster Families Require Money for Adoption?

A study by the National Association of Social Workers found that nearly two-thirds of foster families need financial assistance to adopt a child. This often includes money for transportation, housing, food, and other expenses.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that many foster parents do not receive benefits from the government or the child’s original family. Additionally, some states require adoptive families to undergo a special assessment that can require thousands of dollars.

Available Financial Help for Adoption

Some families wish to adopt a child but back off, thinking about the adoption fees that need to be paid. Now there are several options that you can use to pay the adoption fee and can fulfill your dreams of adopting a child. Based on your financial condition, you will get financial aid. 

To get help with the adoption fee and other related costs, the first thing you can consider is adoption grants. Non-profitable organizations offer these grants to families that the family need not repay. If you cannot get any financial help on your own, then you can take the help of a financial planner. 

One of the most significant downsides of receiving a grant is that you have to wait for a prolonged period, and also you have to apply for each grant. Other than this, you can also try to get adoption loans. They are nothing but personal loans that you can get from banks. Like any other loan, interest will be applied over the loan amount. 

You should consider this your last resort, as taking a loan will surely burden you. A few families also consider fundraisers as an option. A fundraiser is where the whole community will get involved to present you with an opportunity to become foster parents. 

Another help that you can get in most states is the adoption tax credit. This credit is usually up to about $1,000 per child, and can be used for various things including court fees, attorney fees, travel expenses, birth certificate fees etc.

Your state may also provide you with an adoption assistance agreement in cases where the child has special needs. Your social worker can better help you in understanding what benefits that state can give you during this process. In some cases, the state may also provide respite care for such children.

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Financial Help Offered by American Adoptions

If you choose to adopt a child through American Adoptions, you will get financial help to fulfill the child’s needs from the State or Federal department. You will not receive any direct support from the organization.

As such, you will not be offered help while getting loans or grants for the adoption expenses, but the experienced and skilled professionals of the adoption center will guide you through the adoption process. 

The budget will also be planned so that you don’t have to deal with unexpected expenses. The agency fee is fixed, and you will be informed about the cost at the beginning of the process. 

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child

Required Qualification of a Foster Child to Get Adoption Assistance

Several children in foster care require special assistance and are entitled to the phrase ‘Special Needs.’ If you hear the phrase, the first thought that will come to your mind may be about the expenses, especially the medical costs you have to bear for that child. 

Although by the phrase ‘Special Needs,’ children with disabilities are not always meant. This phrase’s sole meaning in adoption is when a child is only qualified for adoption assistance, depending on certain factors. All these factors are mentioned below. 

  1. If the child has other siblings and needs to be placed with them.
  2. The child is old enough. 
  3. If the child is going through a physical, mental, or emotional disability.
  4. Any medical condition can tamper with the physical or psychological health of the child. 

During the process, the person who will be working in the case with you as the caseworker will let you know if the child that you are planning to adopt qualifies for the unique needs or not. Depending on that, you can expect to get adoption assistance. 

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Will I Get Paid If I Become a Foster Parent?

To give a one-word answer to this question is slightly tricky. As a foster parent, you will receive a certain amount of subsidies. The amount that you will get from the government or the state in which you live needs to spend to fulfill the needs of the child that you have taken responsibility for. 

There are three ways foster parents can receive financial aid:

  • Monthly payments
  • Financial help for medical reasons
  • Certain expenses for adoption-related issues

After becoming foster parents, you will also become eligible to receive reimbursement for adoption-related expenses. No tax will be applied to this amount. 

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child

Where Can I Use the Subsidies Gained After Adaptation?

The subsidy you will receive after adoption can only be used for the betterment of the adopted child. You can use the grants in the following areas.

  1. To buy new clothes for the child.
  2. For food.
  3. For transportation purposes.
  4. To buy School supplies.
  5. Finally, for anything your child needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What are the advantages of being an adopted child?

Ans. If you are thinking about adoption and want to know the benefits of an adopted child, then let us tell you that several advantages are listed below. 
The child will get more opportunities to do something in life. 
The child can become a part of a large family.
The child will be able to get the needed one-on-one time with their parents.
The chances of getting a higher education will become. 
Several others.

Ques. What can stop you from adopting a child?

Ans. Your will is not enough if you are planning to adopt a child. Some factors can prevent you from adopting a child. 
If you are too young or too old. 
Health problems. 
Criminal records. 
A financial condition that is insufficient to raise a child.
Poor lifestyle. 

Ques. Do adoptive parents get maternity leave?

Ans. Raising a child is a difficult task to pull off. If the child is not old enough, the mother must be on their side most of the time. That’s why maternity leave is required. Unlike Biological mothers, who usually get 26 weeks of maternity leave, an adoptive mother can only get a maximum of 12 weeks of maternity leave. 

Ques. Can you get SSI for an adopted child?

Ans. If the adopted child has no connection with the biological parents, then the adopted child can receive social security benefits from their adopted parents. In that case, the child’s right to claim social security benefits from their biological parents will be diminished. 

Final Words

We hope that we can clear all your doubts regarding the adoption process. If you think you can bear all the expenses of a child, adopt a child and make this world a better place. 

The state and Federal governments will be with you in the adoption process by providing you with financial aid. Thank you for reading the article, we hope we covered every sop and benefit that you can get by adopting a child! While these financial benefits help, they are no match for the joy that you will get by raising a child and giving them a future.