What Is The Cheapest Country To Adopt From?

If you want to adopt a child from outside the US but you don’t have buckets of money to spend, what is the cheapest country to adopt from? We will answer this question with a list of 10 countries, and also answer other burning questions related to this topic.

The cost of adopting a child varies depending on the country you choose to adopt from. However, adoption from developing countries can be the most affordable option. 

The World Health Organization reports that the average cost of intercountry adoptions is $25,000. This range can vary depending on the country you choose to adopt from, but it is generally much cheaper than adopting a child in developed countries.

To answer the main question, Ukraine is the cheapest country to adopt from, followed by Jamaica, China, and Ethiopia. The cost of adoption in Ukraine is somewhere between $10000 to $40000

However, for many married couples looking to give their love to an adopted child, a critical factor in deciding on the “sending” country is how simple or difficult it is to adopt a child from that country. 

What Is The Cheapest Country To Adopt From

What Is the Cheapest Country to Adopt A Child?

Many who want to adopt a child from another country tend to abandon the idea because of the cost. However, people need to be aware that several countries help make the process less complicated and more affordable.

This is compared to the low-cost average of $12,000, which includes the cost of travel and expenses. So, which is the cheapest country to adopt? Ukraine is, without a doubt, one of the most cost-effective and flexible for adoption. 

Many others are in the low-cost group, too, that range from Jamaica to China and Ethiopia. If you’re considering intercountry adoptions, whether on your own or through an agency, but feel the process is too costly, keep reading to discover some fantastic affordable options.

Why Adopt Internationally?

International adoption is widespread for a variety of reasons. Some face waiting lists in their own country and are looking for international alternatives to adopt earlier instead of later. 

Many feel the need to free children from danger in less developed countries, in which orphans are often left being relegated to child labor as child soldiers or prostitutes. Many feel that the variety of children that can be adopted is more diverse internationally. 

Many are attracted by the fewer chances of the birth family being engaged (courts of the U.S., for example, have gone to extreme lengths to keep birth parents involved in the child’s life. 

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Which Country Is The Easiest To Adopt A Child?

The answer will depend on the “sending” country’s specific requirements, the parents’ life circumstances, and if the adoptive parents have a particular kind of child in their mind. For instance:

  • Some countries require children to be at least five years old before adoption. This could make a bad match for adoptive parents explicitly looking to adopt a child.
  • Some countries offer only children with special needs. This may be more than particular couples are willing to tackle. However, it is not exactly what other couples are looking for.
  • Some countries do not put children in homes with single parents, individuals with a body mass index BMI higher than the threshold or couples older than a certain age, or, in particular, LGBTQ couples (outdated as it may appear in other countries).
What Is The Cheapest Country To Adopt From

Top 10 Easiest Countries to Adopt a Child

The list is not to be considered a best-to-next best ranking. Since adoption is an individual and personal experience and each situation is unique, an adopter’s most suitable match could be with a country ranked 5th, 8th, or even 20th, and even with a country that’s not listed at all.

  1. Your country of origin: The most accessible country to adopt is usually your home country. If you take, as an illustration, consider the United States as an example, indeed, the foster-care system is undoubtedly insufficient, and the process of adopting a child is long-winded and time-consuming. You may have to wait years for your child to become to you.
  2. Kazakhstan: The ex-member of the Soviet Union is known for the variety of its children who can be adopted. One of the fastest-growing adoption programs around the globe. It is required to visit the country. However, couples, as well as single parents, are eligible.
  3. India: No visit is required as there are a lot of orphans who need families from infants and older ones, children with special needs, and sibling groups.
  4. Haiti: The impoverished nation has more than 200 000 orphans, many of who are siblings. It has streamlined procedures and the “Waiting Child Program” to find parents willing to take on children or siblings with special needs.
  5. China is one of the most stable and effective adoption programs. Sometimes, it requires visits, but it is worth it, especially when you’re looking to adopt a girl or children with special needs. Accepts children from the age of 5 months up to seven years of age.
  6. Thailand with quick-moving paperwork and minimal costs. Children between the ages of 1 and 10 can be placed in a healthy marriage with parents in just two years. The Asian country is an ideal destination for many potential parents.
  7. Colombia Potential parents can adopt orphans ranging from 0 to 15 years old from the South American country for only six months.
  8. Malawi: The relatively low cost of admission (estimated at $28,000-32,000), less than four weeks’ visit time, and no COVID-19-related travel advisory in 2021 make it relatively simple to adopt an orphan ranging from up to 18-months to your family.
  9. Taiwan: Boys and young girls wait for their families to adopt them in the Asian country. There are many with different levels in special requirements.
  10. South Korea: This effective adoption system allows children as young as 6-12 months old and numerous children with special needs. Parents are healthy, married for three years, and 29-49 years old.
What Is The Cheapest Country To Adopt From

How Much Does International Adoption Cost?

Parents who are contemplating adopting outside of those in the U.S. often have many concerns about the procedure. One of the most critical concerns is “How much does international adoption cost?”

Like other adoption methods, the cost of international adoption is quite a broad spectrum and not just a single number. International adoption is a vast array of various paths and procedures that are all dependent on the country you are adopting

International adoption costs can vary significantly. Families can anticipate spending between $20,000 and $40,000 to adopt from a different country.

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International Adoption Costs For Asia

Certain countries will incur more expensive international adoption costs than other countries. These costs are continuously changing, here is a list of the typical costs associated with international adoption around the globe:

  • China $ 26,000 – – $31,000 plus travel
  • Colombia $$ $22,000 – – $26,000 + travel
  • Haiti: $26,000 – $32,000 + travel
  • India 21,000 – – $25,000 + travel
  • South Korea: $32,000 to $38,000 plus travel
  • Taiwan: $22,000 – $27,000 + travel.
What Is The Cheapest Country To Adopt From

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Child From Africa?

When we look at the procedure in adoption from Africa, it is clear that there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to volunteer and assist a child, a family, and even a community. 

There are a myriad of adoption organizations helping to place African children in search of homes. Some of these agencies offer various opportunities, including foster care, adoption orphan hosts, and student exchanges.

Africa has numerous states that allow international adoption. Some of them are Ghana, Congo, Uganda, Burundi, and innumerable others. The cost of adoption from Africa ranges between $20,000 to $40,000, which includes home study and counseling, medical expenses, and foster care when needed.

Breakdown of International Adoption Costs

Incorporating a child into a family can be a complex process. If you’re adopting an infant across boundaries, usually into a foreign language and cultural context, the change must be in the child’s best interests.

Be aware that every adoption process is unique, and you’ll have to talk with an adoption specialist to get an accurate estimate of your international adoption expenses. Here are a few additional services you can add to the overall cost of adoption:

  • Immigration Application: Before being qualified to adopt, you must apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. They must accept your application for adoption and your application to allow a suitable child to the United States as your immediate family member, i.e., your legal child.
  • Adoption Fees: They are determined by experts who you choose to help you. This includes evaluating the children available and making sure they are legal and taking care of them until they are adopted, matching families with them, communicating to international authorities for adoption, and many more.
  • Home study: Each family that is considering adoption should be able to complete an adoption study. This includes all pre-placement training to ensure you are prepared for your adoption placement.
  • Documentation and Authentication: In your application to adopt, you will need to provide formal documents to the international adoption authorities. The costs of international adoption incurred by this process include assembling your dossier, authenticating your documents, and translating the documents.

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Think You Can’t Afford adoption? Here are Surprising Ways to Pay for It 

  1. Check with your company’s employee benefits programs- A few employers offer benefits for adoption. However, don’t be afraid to look a bit deeper to determine what benefits might be readily available.
  1. Select a firm that offers sliding fee scales- Some agencies charge a flat fee for all applicants, and others set their costs based on your financial circumstances. You could save money by using an agency that has a sliding fee scale that is which is based on the value of your assets.
  1. Investigate Adoption Subsidies from the State- Many states provide aid to families that take in children from the United States with special needs or who were within foster homes for a specific duration. 
  1. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of fundraising- Fundraising raises awareness about the adoption issue and will undoubtedly help with your budget. In certain instances, communities and religious groups such as synagogues and churches will likely take advantage of the chance to help you in the fundraising efforts.
  1. Explore Your Assets- You could have an inheritance or trusts you own or be in a position to take out a loan against your life insurance. Also, don’t forget about your 401(k). Although it might sound like a sham to take money out of your 401(k) funds to help finance your adoption, remember that it is free of charge.  
What Is The Cheapest Country To Adopt From


Q1. What country should you adopt from?

Some countries with Hague participation such as Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Haiti, the Philippines, and South Africa, are the best for child adoption. Ukraine, Ethiopia, and South Korea are some of the countries that are not Hague-compliant. However, many children were adopted from these countries

Q2. Which country has the most orphans?

Asia is home to the biggest amount of children orphaned, with 71.1 million. India alone has more than 31 million children who are orphaned. Africa follows it with 559 million. However, according to UNICEF, every day, 5700 kids come for adoption due to the death of a parent worldwide.

Q3. How much is it to adopt a baby from Mexico?

Adoptions in Mexico can range between $20,000 and $25,000, but they can be lower or greater. You should discuss the fees with your agency for adoption in the initial stages of the process when you’re researching possible adoption services, as they may differ.

Wrap Up

Additionally, certain countries and adoption agencies could stop internationally-adopted services for one or more reasons. For instance, Russia stopped permitting adoptions to the United States in 2013. 

Additionally, the COVID-19 epidemic prevented travel to many nations between 2020 and 2021. This has hampered many potential adoptive parents’ capacity to complete the required process of visitation and adoption. 

The U.S. State Department is a good location to go for U.S. residents to obtain the most current information regarding country-specific adoption information. Thank you for reading the article, we hope we covered the costs involved in adoption in detail, and gave you the answers you were looking for.