Can A 19 Year Old Adopt A 17 Year Old

Can A 19 Year Old Adopt A 17 Year Old

18 years is the official age of maturity. So can a 19 year old adopt a 17 year old? This question is meant to be more of a rhetorical argument to deny having a single age as a maturity limit, but we will delve into the legal stand and answer the question from that POV. … Read more

Can You Claim Adoption Tax Credit Before Finalization?

Can You Claim Adoption Credit Before Finalization

Adoption tax credit is a government sop for helping people adopt children. But can you claim adoption tax credit before finalization of adoption, or does it happen afterwards? The answer is that you cannot, and we have provided more details below. It’s estimated that 153 million worldwide children are orphans. Adoption is an effective way … Read more

How To Adopt A Child From The Philippines To the USA?

How To Adopt A Child From The Philippines To the USA

This is your one stop guide on how to adopt a child from the Philippines to the USA. We will discuss all th necessary details that you need to understand to get this done. Adopting a child is a great way to contribute to society. You are giving the child a vast pool of opportunities … Read more

What Does An Adoption Lawyer Do?

What Does An Adoption Lawyer Do

The process of adoption almost always starts with finding a good adoption lawyer. But what does an adoption lawyer do? How do they help you along the process, what role do they play and what do they cost? Let’s find out. It’s a bold step to adopt a child but a good one to change … Read more

Can You Marry Your Adopted Sibling?

Can You Marry Your Adopted Sibling

There is always a kinship between siblings. When the siblings are adopted that kinship can turn to love. But can you marry your adopted siblings? Is it legally and morally right for you to do so? Let’s try to tackle these questions in the article below. When you are adopted, your family becomes your chosen … Read more