What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child?

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Adopting A Child

Adoption is not just good for your heart, its good for your wallet too! What are the financial benefits of adopting a child, you might ask? There are many. From adoption subsidies to tax breaks, we discuss it all in the article below. The first question that comes to the mind of a couple while … Read more

How Long Does Kinship Adoption Take?

How Long Does Kinship Adoption Take

Kinship adoption is a great way to make sure that a child remains within the family. But how long does kinship adoption take? How much will it cost you, and what are the key points that you need to know? Let’s find out. Every adoptive family is different. Some families are open to adopting children … Read more

How Much Is It To Adopt My Stepchild?

How Much Is It To Adopt My Stepchild

Adopting a stepchild can make the bond between you and your stepchild even stronger. But how much is it to adopt my stepchild? What are the fees involved and how to get the adoption papers? Find out by reading the article below. Stepparent adoption completes and blends a family into one. This process allows you … Read more

How To Find A Child Given Up For Adoption?

How To Find A Child Given Up For Adoption

Circumstances may force you to give up a child, but it is hard to forget about the bond completely. We look at how to find a child given up for adoption, and how you can find your birth parents if you were adopted. There are several instances when a parent who has given up a … Read more

Can You Adopt With A Criminal Record?

Can You Adopt With A Criminal Record

A reformed person will always look to redeem themselves, and what better way than adopting a child? But can you adopt with a criminal record, or do the authorities shut you off completely if you have a criminal past? Let’s find out. If you wish to adopt a child with a criminal record, the whole … Read more

Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a war ravaged country that is home to countless orphans and children who need help. But can you adopt from Afghanistan? Is it even legally allowed? What is the situation given the withdrawal of the American forces? Learn all about it. It’s very rare for Americans to adopt from Afghanistan. Between the year … Read more

Legal Guardianship Vs. Adoption

Legal Guardianship Vs. Adoption

Are you unable to take care of your child, and are considering giving them to someone else? Know the difference between legal guardianship vs. adoption to make the right choice for your situation. There has always been some confusion among people regarding legal guardianship and adoption. Many lawyers face this question frequently from parents looking … Read more

How To Adopt A Family Member In Haiti?

How To Adopt A Family Member In Haiti

The number of adoptions in Haiti has increased in recent years. Do you know how to adopt a family member in Haiti? Read on to learn about the adoption process in detail. Haiti is one of the developing countries in the western part of the US. More than 80% of the Haitians are below the … Read more

Can Americans Adopt From Russia?

Can Americans Adopt From Russia

Can Americans adopt from Russia? Given the checkered history between the two nations and the geopolitics involved, there is a pause on adoptions from the US, even for a humanitarian cause. Find out more. The orphanage system in Russia is growing every year. It’s estimated that there are 600,000 orphans in Russia, and most of … Read more

What Countries Can You Adopt From?

What Countries Can You Adopt From

If you are thinking about intercountry adoption, then you may have several questions in your mind. What countries can you adopt from? Which ones do not allow adoption? Which country is the easiest to adopt from? Which ones are the safest? We answer all this and more. As a family oriented country, many people are … Read more