Can You Change A Child’s Last Name Without Adoption?

Can You Change A Child's Last Name Without Adoption

A family name is something very dear to most people, and they like to pass it on to their children. But can you change a child’s last name without adoption? Can you keep it something other than the father’s last name? Does it require parental consent? Find out more! If you’re considering adopting a child … Read more

How To Work In An Orphanage?

How To Work In An Orphanage

Do you love working with children and want to contribute to the wellbeing of the less fortunate? We talk about how to work in an orphanage (or rather foster care, since America doesn’t have orphanages any more). We also talk about international orphanages and how you can contribute. America does not really have orphanages any … Read more

How to Find Adopted Siblings?

How to Find Adopted Siblings

Are you looking to reconnect with your biological brother or sister who might be out there? We will list six ways how to find adopted siblings below that can help you on your path. We also answer a host of important questions that you may have about your adoption. In the US, one out of … Read more

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

How To Adopt A Child From Syria

Is your heart bleeds for the children who are suffering due to the conflict in Syria, you might be wondering how to adopt a child from Syria? Unfortunately, you cannot. We will explain below the reason why, and what you can do instead. Since the conflict in Syria started eleven years ago, the refugee crisis … Read more

Adoption In Florida Requirements

Adoption In Florida Requirements

Do you live in Florida, and are looking to adopt a child? Wondering what are the adoption in Florida requirements that you will have to meet to get a child? Let’s discuss all the requirements needed to bring a baby home in Florida in the article below. Every year the number of children for adoption … Read more

How To Adopt A Baby In NC?

How To Adopt A Baby In NC

Do you live in North Carolina? Are you looking to adopt a baby but aren’t sure about the process. We explain how to adopt a baby in NC, what paperwork is needed, where to start, how long the process takes and how much it will cost you. Read on. Many hopeful parents choose the adoption … Read more

Adoption Vs. Abortion

Adoption Vs. Abortion

We take a look at the age old adoption vs. abortion debate in detail, talking about why each option may be good or bad for you and what factors may affect your decision. We will try to stay subjective, and hopefully help you come to a decision that is best for you. Adoption versus abortion … Read more

Can An Adoptive Child Inherit From Biological Parents?

Can An Adoptive Child Inherit From Biological Parents

If a child was given up for adoption, do they retain rights to the birth parents estate? Can an adoptive child inherit from biological parents if there is no other survivor? We look at answers to such questions in the article below. Nearly 153 million children are orphans worldwide. Adoption is a way to make … Read more

How To Give A Baby Up For Adoption?

How To Give A Baby Up For Adoption

Have you decided on giving up your baby? Several circumstances may have triggered this decision. Here’s how to give a baby up for adoption once you have made up your mind – the how, when and where of it. Read on to find out more about this subject. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many … Read more

How To Adopt A Child From Turkey?

How To Adopt A Child From Turkey

Turkey is one of the popular countries for adoption. In this guide, we talk about how to adopt a child from Turkey, including eligibility requirements, adoption agencies, documentation, fees and other similar points of concern that adoptive families usually have. Read on to find out more!   According to reports, in the U.S alone, more … Read more