Can You Adopt Your Sibling?

Sometimes, you might want to adopt your own sibling, especially when the age gap is quite large. But can you adopt your sibling? What does the law say in this aspect? Are there regulations that stop you from doing it? Let’s find out.

Yes, if you were wondering whether you can adopt your sibling or not, then the answer is yes. You can adopt your sibling, but there are some conditions that you need to satisfy before you can fully adopt your sibling. 

The person adopting should be an adult. Apart from that, they should also meet the requirements and standards for being eligible for adoption. In this article, we will have a chat on this topic in great depth. 

Can You Adopt Your Sibling

Can I Adopt a Younger Sibling?

Adoption agencies do believe in keeping families together. So if one sibling is an adult and wishes to adopt their younger sibling, they can do so. Sibling adoption falls under the clarification of adoption by a relative (or kinship adoptions), and many adult siblings are taking on the task of providing a home for their brothers and sisters

Sibling adoption is a common theme among children who don’t have both biological parents. If, in any case, the parents are living, then the sibling needs to get a letter signed by them.

This letter will state that the parents are giving their consent to the sibling and their partner to become adoptive parents and are forfeiting their parental rights to the child. 

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What Are The Situations Which May Necessitate Adoption By An Older Sibling? 

Different situations may compel an older sibling to adopt the younger sibling. The most common problem is when both the parents of the children are not living. 

There can also be some other situations leading to sibling adoption, such as:- 

  • If the parents are abusive. 
  • If the parents are unfit because of substance abuse. It can be either alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or even both. 
  • If the natural parents are unable to provide for their child
  • Parents incarceration
  • The physical inability of the parents due to some condition. 
  • If the parents want to forfeit their parental rights for any other reason
Can You Adopt Your Sibling

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For The Adoption Of A Younger Sibling? 

Before an older sibling is eligible to adopt their younger sibling, there are some requirements that they should fulfill. These requirements are as follows:-

  • The older sibling should be a US citizen. 
  • They should be adults or more than 18.
  • The prospective adoptive parents should be emotionally and physically capable of looking after their sibling. 
  • They should have a place to live, which can be either an apartment or a home. 

If the older sibling is married and has their children, they can also proceed with the adoption. If the older sibling has a spouse, they also need to adopt the younger sibling together. 

Is It Easy For Me to Adopt My Sibling in Illinois?

Yes, you can adopt your younger sibling if you live in Illinois. However, you must be eligible to adopt an adult capable of looking after a child. Illinois has specific laws in regards to adoption, and these laws may or may not make it easy for someone to adopt a sibling. 

It is important to speak with an adoption attorney who specializes in adoption law in order to get a better understanding of the adoption process, the type of adoption and other details involved. 

Generally speaking, the process of adopting a sibling can be lengthy and complicated, but it is possible. There are many families across the country who have adopted siblings, so it can be done. It just takes time, patience, and effort.

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How to Get Custody of Your Sibling? 

Sibling adoption comes under the category of adoption by a relative. The sibling that wants to have custody of the younger sibling must go to the court, or they could also visit the official website for adoption.

After that, the older sibling will need to apply for adoption. After the application is passed, the older sibling will become the legal guardian. 

Can You Adopt Your Sibling

What is the Process for Obtaining Custody of a Sibling?

If you wish to obtain custody of your sibling, you need to prove that the minor child needs to be adopted. Once you prove to the court that a custody appeal is necessary, you will file an adoption application. 

During the same time, you will also have to ask the child’s legal parent to relinquish their custody rights for the kid. 

How Old Must You Be To Take Custody Of A Sibling?

To take the custody of a sibling, you must be an adult at least 18 years old. Apart from the age, you should also be physically, emotionally, and financially stable enough to look after the kid. 

It is ideal if you are married before adopting the siblings this way, your spouse can also adopt your sibling, and you can share the responsibilities.

But it is also possible for a person to adopt their sibling if they are single. After all, one third of all adoptions today are from single parents. The authorities will conduct a thorough check on whether you are sustainable enough to look after your sibling or not. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person adopt a sister? 

Yes, a person can adopt their sister depending on the situation. There should be no issue if the older sibling is assuming and the younger sibling is over 18. Generally, sibling adoption occurs when the children don’t have any parents. There are also a few adoption cases where the parents cannot handle more than two siblings, so they adopt each other. Before adoption, the older sibling should be able to provide for their sibling in all capacities. 

Can I adopt a child as my brother? 

This is a more tricky situation as a person can adopt someone like their child but not as their sibling. Legally they will be regarded as your child, although it is up to you what kind of bond and relationship you have with them. A single person can also adopt a child even if they have no biological sons or daughters. 

How much does it cost to adopt someone over 18? 

The price for adult adoption can vary; it starts from $100 to $1500. On average, it will cost you around $800 to adopt a person over 18.

Can an adult be adopted?

Yes, an adult can also be adopted. There is no prior age limit set for the adoption of an individual. All you need to make the adoption successful is the consent of the person being adopted. It is necessary to get support because the person is over 18 and can make their own life and medical decisions. 

Wrap up

Siblings adoption is pretty rare, but it is an excellent thing if possible. It is always complex and challenging to separate families at adoption. So if one sibling is capable enough to adopt the other sibling and take care of them in every aspect, then it is suitable for all parties. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we covered all the necessary information for helping you adopt your sibling. If you have more questions, please write to us in the comments box.