Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a war ravaged country that is home to countless orphans and children who need help. But can you adopt from Afghanistan? Is it even legally allowed? What is the situation given the withdrawal of the American forces? Learn all about it.

It’s very rare for Americans to adopt from Afghanistan. Between the year 1999 to 2019 only 41 children were adopted from Afghanistan to US. However, recently after the new Taliban rule in the country, the application for adoption from Afghanistan has increased

Yes, you can adopt an orphaned child from Afghanistan. However, there are no government adoption authorities in Afghanistan that could help you to adopt a child. 

Adopting a child is a huge responsibility. You should take this responsibility when they feel they are ready to look after the child in every aspect. The Afghan family court takes over all the adoption proceedings in Afghanistan. 

Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

Adopting a Child from Afghanistan: Few Things to Consider

If you want to become an adoptive parent to a child from Afghanistan, then there are some things you should keep in mind or consider before you go ahead. First of all, international adoption is very different from domestic adoption. 

  • Adopting a child from Afghanistan can take time. You will need to get all the documents right with the proper clearances before getting the kid to your home.
  • There are always cases in which traveling to Afghanistan will not be possible. Due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, people don’t travel there often. 
  • A person should not adopt a child just based on their emotions. It would help if you also planned things like where you will keep the child, how you will make them educated, and other things similar to this. 
  • Then it would help in adoption if you also considered that it is not that easy to adopt a child with a different heritage, faith, and religion from yours. You should respect their upbringing and try not to force them into believing your customs. 
  • The transition between the country of origin and the adoptive country should be seamless. You should leave it up to the child to decide whether they want to follow their customs or if they want to track your customs. 

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Who Can Adopt in Afghanistan?

The applicant must be an adult or 25 years old or above. Any adult can adopt a child in Afghanistan. It doesn’t matter whether an individual is married or single for adoption. If the person is married, their spouse also has to participate in the adoption and share the responsibilities. 

Your spouse should also be a U.S. citizen and an adult. If the person is unmarried, they should be at least 25 years old. Apart from these mandatory requirements, there are also other sustainability requirements. An applicant must be able to provide for the kid in all capacities after adopting them. 

Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

The Process Of Adopting An Afghan Child

The process of adopting an Afghan child can be pretty elaborate. The entire process for adopting a child from Afghanistan includes the following:-

Hire an adoption service provider

Your first step should be to hire an adoption service provider or an adoption attorney. You may or may not know about all the legalities and details of the requirements for being eligible for adoption. It is not that easy to handle inter-country adoption cases. 

It would help if you remembered to hire an adoption agency with all the apt licenses. The adoption service providers should also have the right of the state they are operating in. The government also has the names of legal adoption service providers on its official website. 

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Identify the potential candidate for adoption

In the next step, the adoptive parents need to identify a child they would like to adopt. You can begin your search to look for a child after you have received the approval for adoption. 

You will need to look for some child that needs a guardian or parent under Afghan law. The child should also meet the requirements set by the U.S. for being an orphan. 

The authorities will also decide whether the adoptive parents can provide for the child in every aspect. You can petition the Afghan family court to ask for child custody. 

Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

Application To Adopt a child

Your application to adopt a child from Afghanistan should meet the standards of Afghanistan. Moreover, the child should also be able to qualify as a U.S. immigrant. The adoptive parents should also visit Afghanistan and stand in the Afghan family court. Doing so will prove to the authorities that you are serious about adopting a child. 

After you have given the application, the Afghan court will conduct a thorough background check on you. This background check also includes reviewing the person’s criminal record and conducting a community investigation. You will benefit from this community investigation if you have an excellent social score. 

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Gain custody of the child

After all the legalities are complete, you will have to take custody of the child from Afghanistan. You will again have to visit the Afghan family court to finalize the process. The adoption agency will look at all the intricate details of the adoption process and represent you on your behalf in court when you are absent. 

The Afghan family court has a meager adoption fee of nearly $100. The cost of an Afghan passport is around 100 dollars, with a validity of five years. 

Can You Adopt From Afghanistan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I foster a baby from Afghanistan? 

Yes, you can foster a baby from Afghanistan. Thousands of children living in Afghanistan are looking for refuge because of the conditions there. The immigration process from Afghanistan to the U.S. is not that easy. The authorities conduct an in-depth check of the individuals who want to apply for foster care. 
In many cases, individuals also have to undergo a training process to get a certificate that deems them eligible to adopt a child. This training includes the basics of CPR, first-aid, medical clearance, and so on. 

Can I adopt Afghan refugees? 

Yes, you can adopt Afghan refugees to your home. But you must get the approval or consent of the child’s biological parents. Without the permission of the child’s parents, you cannot adopt an Afghan refugee. 
This is the primary reason why many Afghan refugees are kept in foster homes and are not adopted. During their times in their foster homes, the foster families and the refugees create a very close bond together. Some foster parents agree to keep the refugees in their homes permanently. 

What country is easiest to adopt from?

Adopting a child is a life-changing decision. It must be done after thorough research and planning. Both domestic and international adoptions have well laid out standards and rules to safeguard the children’s interests. China and Thailand are two Asian countries that have straightforward adoption procedures. These countries are also among the nations where adopting someone takes less time. 

What happens to orphans in Afghanistan? 

The majority of the Afghan orphans are sent out to live on their own by their parents. Since there is a state of conflict in Afghanistan, plenty of families and orphans don’t have any shelter to live in. 
There aren’t many orphanages in Afghanistan. With just 68 orphanages across the country, they are often overrun with children. Kids with no relatives or someone to look after them live in orphan centers or community homes. 

Wrap Up

Many people see the children in Afghanistan in crisis, so they try to lend a hand in attempting to adopt these children. Adopting a child from Afghanistan is possible, but it is a complex process that takes time. This article discusses how someone can adopt a child from Afghanistan, including all the challenges they could face while assuming someone.