“Let’s Show Them There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”

Apparently Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia thinks that kids getting free lunch at school are getting off easy. He suggests they sweep the floors in exchange for their lunch, so we can show them that there is “no such thing as a free lunch.”

Mother. Fucker.

Truth is, some kids don’t get much to eat when they aren’t in school thanks to food insecurity. So yeah, let’s totally shame them by making them work for a bit of mediocre food. Great fucking idea.

What an asshole.



  1. says

    What you said.
    I got free lunch off and on in school. It wasn’t free. Not when you stop to consider the kids snickering at the free lunch line. Or the complex that you pretended you didn’t have because you knew the other kids were pointing.
    Or watching your father swallow his pride to fill out the paperwork for those free lunches while you played with toys you weren’t really interested in and pretended not to see the pained look on his face. That wasn’t free, either.

    • Phyllis says

      I don’t know if it is still evident who does and doesn’t receive free lunches in our schools. I hope not. Children are never responsible for their household’s financial situation. My children never received free lunches because we both had jobs. Unlike now, it was at a time when people could lose their job one day and have another one the next day. But I can remember searching for enough money for lunches at the end of a work week, before pay day.

      This Kingston critter should count his blessings he was elected, and is in a position to pay taxes to help those less fortunate. It is a privilege to do so!

      • Christy Cruz says

        Phyllis…….It’s no longer obvious who is getting the free or reduced lunches. My kids go thru the same line as all the other kids. They give the “cashier” their student ID number and move on.

  2. says

    This asshole would make an eight year old sweep the floors for a meal?!! The adults in a child’s life – be they parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, etc – are supposed to make sure children are safe and have enough to eat without making them jump through hoops to get those basic human rights. It’s their goddamned duty!!

  3. Tiffany says

    Oh my, unfortunately for some of the kids on the free lunch program that is the only meal they will eat all day and they starve all weekend long. He needs to get a grip on reality.

  4. old says

    What a life of excess and privilege Kingston has led. Such ignorance, self righteousness, and lack of compassion…. Sadness for his small warped soul.

  5. Alexicographer says

    Right. Because, of course, kids should not expect adults to provide for them or take care of them — I mean, in what kind of crazy world would that happen?


    I won’t call it a positive note, because as I understand it the underlying cause isn’t generosity but rather, increasingly deep and vast need, but on a — less negative — note, the Dallas Independent School District is now offering free breakfast and lunch to all students, basically because (as I heard it, likely on NPR) they realized that so many kids need it, screening isn’t cost-effective (more expensive to adminster than just giving everyone free breakfast and lunch).

    • Christy Cruz says

      Not only is the screening not “cost effective” there is an element of shame involved. Trust me, there is shame. Having the children put all the papers that parents have to fill out at the beginning of each year into it’s on pile, and your child is one of the only ones putting paper into THAT pile.
      It’s hard on child and parent.

  6. Georgine Olson says

    Apparently this man has never known hunger. Perhaps he should volunteer at a school and see what it is like for children that only receive one decent meal a day. Children do not learn when all they can think about is how hungry they are. His family probably throws away more food from one meal than what some of those children get to eat in a week.

  7. Debbie says

    Even if the idea weren’t incredibly offensive, it is completely impractical. Implementing it would mean violating laws protecting of children on free and reduced lunch as well as laws on child labor. It also would expose school districts to legal liability (what if a child got hurt while “working”) and union contract issues.

    Given how impractical the suggestion is, there are two possible conclusions:
    1) This politician is incompetent as well as misguided/unethical.
    2) He made the proposal just to score cheap political points with a far right portion of his constituents — knowing that it was impossible to implement and would never pass.

    Either way, he isn’t qualified to be in Congress.

    This proposal upsets me for many reasons. It hurts kids. It shows a lack of compassion for people in need. It ignores the serious problem of childhood hunger and its impact on our educational system.

    On a personal level, it upsets me that people would assume most Republicans would support this concept. I’m a (socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative) Republican, but I would never vote for someone who proposed something like this. And it really bugs me that this man (and so many in Congress) say such offensive and morally-misguided things, which increase the divisions between Republicans and Democrats in our country.

    I’m disturbed that so many leaders of the Republican party in Congress are associated with this philosophy because I don’t want to be associated with them. They don’t represent me…or the Republicans I know personally.

    I have some significant differences with the Democratic party as well. As a result, I find myself trying to pick the lesser of two evils in the voting booth….and that gets harder every time I vote.

    Childhood hunger knows no political party. Feeding needy children shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and we need to let politicians know where we stand.

    • Mia says

      Wow, very well put. I have to be honest…I am one who WOULD “assume most Republicans would support this concept.” I do that quite often when I hear REP politicians make these kinds of crazy statements.

      But after reading your comment I am going to stop assuming because you’re right, our 2 parties must stop being so divided.

  8. says

    Yes. Let’s do that. Yep. Some kids will sit back and take it easy, because their parents have money. We want to make sure that those kids understand that the world works just like that. Start training them young.

  9. says

    Hey, why bother educating these kids at all? Why not just send them straight to the workforce? There must be some mines or factories that could benefit from inexpensive child labour?

    Talk about being out of touch with reality. How on earth do these people manage to get to positions of power?

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