A Round Up (and a reminder about Google Reader)

Tori hiking with flowerIt’s been a pretty good week! I’ve had a busy work week, but I’ve still managed to take the time to get out and hike instead of being chained to my desk all the time. Since Tori is out of school, I took her with me. It’s getting easier and easier to hike, thank goodness. Even the giant 50 steps section of my current favorite local hike (the steps are taller than normal steps, and they curve, making them challenging) are easy for me now. Well, okay, not EASY, but I can do it.

Let’s see… after some of the reaction to my recipe post, I need to tell everyone this: I SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO ALWAYS THAW MEAT IN THE REFRIGERATOR AND NOT ON THE COUNTER LIKE MY MOM TAUGHT ME AND I’VE DONE ALL MY LIFE. Okay? Seriously, I had no idea that recipe posts could be so controversial.

Also, other lessons learned while cooking this week…

Perhaps the best time to learn how to make cupcakes is NOT the day before your daughter’s birthday party where you will be taking said cupcakes. Also, if the cupcakes are undercooked and you don’t realize until after you frost them, the little bit of frosting left on the top of the cupcakes after you scrape it off and put them back in the over will get nice and crispy. Lastly, if you use soda (organic soda with cane sugar, again, had no idea that would be controversial either) instead of eggs and oil to accommodate food allergies they will take much longer to cook. Also? God bless YouTube frosting tutorials.

Next up is my big fail making chili lime shrimp. Ahem.



First of all, if you use Google Reader to follow my blog, you’ve likely already gotten the bad news about Reader closing on July 1st. This totally sucks. I’ve written twice now about alternatives, but I have yet to find one I really like. I’m hoping Digg’s new reader will be awesome. I hope you subscribers will stick with me, and remember you can always get my posts via email (just look over there on the right!)

Did you watch Senator Wendy Davis in Texas while she filibustered the nasty bit of anti-choice legislation known as SB5? It was amazing and… just, wow. So inspiring. I felt like she was standing there in her pink shoes advocating on my behalf. I wrote about it over at the Uppercase Lowdown.

Have you heard about the new science behind epigenetics? Turns out things like abuse and neglect can actually cause changes at a genetic level that can then be inherited. Fascinating stuff. I wrote about it over at Babble, and shared some family history of my own.

This year Tori and I spent some time manning a booth for Tori’s school at the Philadelphia Pride Parade. It was a pretty amazing day, and even more amazing with the big news from the Supreme Court yesterday striking down DOMA and Prop 8 in California. I wrote about wanting to me more than just a straight ally at Babble.

Thanks for reading, folks.

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  1. Verbatim says

    Thanks for the link to the interesting article. I really am not convinced, after reading it, though, that they are at all sure that the epigenetic changes caused by stress are reliably passed down to the next generation. The article says the changes are often “erased” in the offspring, and they raised normal mice with “defective” fathers, so I think we have a long way to go before we should believe that abused parents have children who will behave as if they’ve been abused, too. I think the article’s overstating its case and jumping to conclusions that aren’t validated. I just wanted to say that, because I think it can be very dangerous and defeatist to believe that certain people are damaged at birth, and I just don’t think the science (at least according to this article!) is there yet to back it up.

  2. Kelly says

    Soda isn’t the best idea, really. Why not just make a couple of different kinds–regular, gluten-free, dairy free or whatever? Always test with either a toothpick or a bamboo skewer. Raw dough isn’t good.

    So maybe you and your daughter could take cooking classes together for a summer activity? Never too young to learn!

  3. wendy says

    so, of the choices, theoldreader is my favorite. but, BUT, BUT!!!, i really really really need my list to collapse as i zero out the feeds. sigh. i dunno if digg will do what i want, but i’m on the notification list for when they go live.

  4. says

    You are not alone – as the saying goes….leaving the meat out to defrost on the counter has never made me ill before, though I don’t leave it out for longer than necessary which is also because there are 4 hungry fluffers about; one of which bullies the big fluffer to get food down from the counter so she can eat it.

    There I was thinking Hubby was just being finiky when he puts his meat in the fridge to defrost overnight…..

  5. Jane says

    about cupcakes . . . next time do “vegan”, “gluten free”, “sugar free”, “traditional”. I am vegan, but my children prefer traditional baked goods so I accommodate them on this and always have traditional recipe cake available at their parties.

    about hiking . . . how far are you hiking every time? Is it enough to get your heart rate up and burn calories? Maybe burning calories is not your intent.