Stuck (Monday Ramblings)

So, I continue to track all of my food, exercise, and eat in a generally healthy way (let’s not discuss the movie nachos, m’kay? and YES, I counted all the calories for them). Yet I’m stuck; I haven’t lost weight in a couple of weeks.

I’m not upset about this, yet I hear a familiar soundtrack in my head, the one that always plays when the needle on the scale isn’t moving. I hear whispers of “it’s only because of PMS” (sure, maybe) and “it was the Chinese food, too much salt” (okay) and even, at the worst, “why bother?” Happily, I’m not feeling overwhelmed by those thoughts, but they are reminding me that I am, indeed, “dieting” because that sort of mental noise only comes when I’m actively restricting food.

Instead of letting those thoughts overpower me, I’ve decided to go back to limiting carbs. I was, initially, eating only a bit of fruit in the morning and at lunch, and having only a small amount of carbs at dinner (a small potato or a cup of rice, that sort of thing). But when I ramped up the exercise, I found myself having heavy blood sugar crashes, so I added carbs to breakfast and lunch again.

Hopefully my body is used to the exercise enough that I can return to limiting my carb intake; I think I’ll be fine on regular days where I just go to the gym, but I might need to be more careful on days I hike (which is generally 2+ hours of exercise instead of just an hour). We’ll see.

Forgive me for working through this all out loud, but hey! This is my brain, dumping on my blog page. Heh.

In other news, guess what Friday was? TORI’S SEVENTH BIRTHDAY.


I’m working on her yearly movie, so stay tuned. God, I love my kid. Here she is trying honeysuckle juice for the first time on our hike Saturday… and yes, those are some blonde streaks at the front of her hair. She wanted me to put in pink, but it turned out she liked the blond so much she didn’t do the pink. Adorable.

tori honeysuckle

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  1. hornblower says

    Are you dialing down the calories after each weight loss? The sad thing about losing weight is that each time you’re successful, your ‘reward’ is even fewer calories since losing mass generally means a lower baseline metabolic requirement. I think generally a plateau means reduce calories by 100/day &/or pump some weights (in addition to your regular exercise) to increase muscle mass since muscle is hungry stuff :)

    I am personally not on the carb hate & I think carbs are lovely. Eat whatever keeps you going but ratchet down calories. GL!

    • says

      Ironically, I dropped the calorie load a long time ago to less than what My Fitness Pal (and other sources) say that I eat. But I’ll check again!

  2. says

    If you are building muscle, your weight may not budge at times (but your measurements will – they are far more accurate). I know when I was trying to lose the baby weight, I would go down for a few weeks, then up a pound, all the while losing inches.

    Hang in there!

  3. 4katnap says

    Ah the demon inner voice. Time for a bit of reprogramming. You are beautiful. You want to do this. You can do this.

    Now for my bit of A$$vice… Check to make sure portions creep isn’t part of the problem. this is where I suck at dieting. Just when I get going good I let slide on portion control.

    Good Luck and YES you can do it just don’t make your self crazy trying!

    On teh Tory front… Adorable! I like the blond streaks.

  4. jean says

    You should read a book called “Why We Get Fat.” Lots of interesting information. And its not carbs per se that make us gain weight, or keep weight on. It seems more and more studies are showing that it is the glycemic load of the foods we eat that affects weight. In that book, the author notes that lots of people claim to be doing everything exactly the same way they did before, but have stopped losing weight. Generally it is because they are NOT doing everything the way they were before.

    I think Tori’s hair is cute, but I find it a little sad that you would put blond streaks in her hair. I get that coloring hair can be fun, and I color my hair (mostly to cover gray) but at that age, I think girls should feel that they are beautiful just the way they are. They have the whole rest of their lives to want to improve on nature. The idea of it makes me really uncomfortable.

  5. says

    Re: Weight stuckage. You mentioned the gym. I don’t know if your gym offers it, many do, but you might want to look into buying one or two sessions with a personal trainer. They can evaluate your current routine, your plateau, and design something to jazz it up to get you out of a rut. I know they can sometimes be expensive but I think they are worth it having used them a few times myself.

    Re: Tori! Happy birthday to the big girl. MY daughter turns 7 Thursday! Yay Geminis!

  6. Kelly says

    Add weightlifting. If you’re building muscle, you might not lose pounds, but you should lose inches. Cardio alone won’t do it.

  7. Lisa Anne says

    Congrats on keepin’ on! I’ve run into a similar issue. 2 things were to blame. 1: your body adjusts to whatever you are doing to lose weight. So, rotating between restricting carbs, amping up activity and anything else that works for you is a good thing. 2: I got so used to eating 1400 calories a day, but I have a physical job. I found out that my daily calorie deficit was too large, sending me into starvation mode even though I ate more than 1200 cal. So, if you’re using any fancy do-hicky (I love my Bodymedia Fit band!) that shows total burn all day, you should try to keep your deficit between 500 and 750 cal per day. You may need to eat more than you are to get there. It was so hard for my brain to be ok with this, but it is working for me.

    I listen to Jillian Michaels’ podcast constantly and this info was extracted from there. Hope this was helpful.

  8. jrm says

    Please for all that is holy, see a medical doctor (not the internet) to find the root cause of your feeling lightheaded. Also, 2 weeks without a loss is not a plateau. 2 weeks w/o a loss is called just the way it goes sometimes. The body adapts quickly so you likely need to switch up your foods and do some different types of exercise.

    Sorry for being shouty, I am just so tired of the idea that eliminating carbs and gluten are the end all be all salvation in weight loss. Fruit and rice are not the enemy.

    • says

      Don’t worry – I did discuss with my doc last time I saw her (which was when the lightheaded ness was happening. She told me more carbs. And I don’t restrict fruit in any way at all. :)

      • NetMom says

        Actually if low carb can cause low blood pressure. I was advised to drink salty chicken broth when I was light headed. Check your BP when you’re woozy.

  9. alyssa says

    am also doing fitness pal, and weight is coming off ridiculously slowly. lost five and it stayed there for five weeks, etc etc. i’ve just stopped weighing myself more than every few weeks. and i had a day, today, filled with suckitude and i went out for a hamburger and wine–because i’m an angry eater, and i knew i would feel better. because the issue is being less angry, so having fewer instances of this.

    so i’m halfway there, to my goal. and it may take till the fall or longer. but i’m going to do it.

  10. Mel says

    I LOVE Tori’s hair! I love the cut, it suits her SO well. And I love the blonde. My girls are constantly asking for blue and pink and purple in their hair. It’s so much fun, and I love having that “girl” time with them.

    Whatever works for you with the weight loss is what’s best. So many people have so many differing opinions, but in the end their experience doesn’t mean it will translate to your experience. I have been plugging away since March 1st and I’m down 17 of the 50 that I set as my goal. And what worked? Doing what made sense to me and my life.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Yep, that’s just what I’m trying to do too. :D And I’m crazy about Tori’s hair! She loves it so much.

  11. Aubrey says

    You have so much weight to lose, I’m curious as to why you aren’t working with a nutritionist and endocrinologist. It seems to me that a full hormone panel might be in order, and a nutritionist can put you on an eating plan that is right for you. The thing is, you might need to restrict salt of liquid intake, you might not process carbs well, and you might be much more successful on one type of eating program than another. For all the fun of comments, professionals are going to know more than your comments. You seem to be serious, so seek out the people who can help you the best. Seek medical help.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Actually, I do see an endo, and I take Metformin for insulin resistance and PCOS. I’ve had the full scope of tests and come up about 99% normal on everything. I have, in the past, seen a wide variety of nutritionists and don’t feel the need to consult with another one now, particularly since I’ve gone over my eating plan with the endo. But those are both good suggestions, thanks!

  12. says

    It’s really encouraging to hear the sort of runaround you do in your head about these things because it makes me feel less alone. I hate how much thought and energy it takes to do manage something that seems like it shouldn’t be so hard, but for some of us it just is.

  13. Becky Harris says

    Love my fitbit. I discovered after using it that MFP calorie goal was way too low for me. I was going into starvation mode. Now I get to eat more and lose weight. Win, win!

  14. Rebekah says

    Noticed you said you might be weighing yourself too often. Curious how often that is? Seems like you and I are on similar health journeys — I’ve struggled with my weight since my late teens/early twenties and last year, after having awful blood sugar issues and hormone wackiness (it’s all one big tangled mess, in my experience) — I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired and decided to give myself the gift of health for my birthday last year. Joined WW (I needed a lot of help and support) and have lost 40-ish lbs so far.

    I made a conscious decision to not get a scale though. Hopping on it all day, every day puts me in a really bad space mentally, so I only weigh once a week at my meetings. For me, looking at my overall progress week-to-week is generally far more accurate than what it might show me day-to-day. Maybe it would be better to hide your scale and only weigh yourself once or twice a week? It’s the bigger picture that matters most, and how you’re tracking overall — not the minute-to-minute, individual days (though of course they add up — you know what I mean).

    Also, I really think switching things up with both your food and exercise is one of the best ways to beat a weight plateau. Our bodies SO want to fight this dang weight loss, and once we get into a groove (even a healthy one), everything slows down. Change things up — whatever feels GOOD and healthy and manageable and sustainable to you — and you’ll get your body’s attention. Switch up your exercise — go walking one day, yoga another, ZUMBA (if you like to dance, this is the BEST work out ever) — whatever is fun and new to you!

    Whatever you do, remember that what the scale is saying isn’t your ultimate goal — the scale flat out LIES sometimes!! Continuing to feel good and healthy and strong and joyful is! Keep it up Cecily, you are doing AWESOME!!