My life is full of sweetness.

Tori is mostly adorable. Sure, she’s still got a penchant for throwing the odd tantrum, but we are mostly finding a way to cope with those. Mostly. But largely, she is charming. For a few days this week she came home from school and insisted on only writing us notes instead of talking, claiming she was “resting” her voice. Her notes were hilarious and charming, with her ampersands that look like the infinity symbol. I acknowledged their awesomeness while gently correcting her spelling; she learns at lightning speed now and I only have to tell her once when she misspells something.

She still wants to cuddle at night before bed. We often read books at that time, although she also likes to sit with me while we watch a TV show. Right now she’s crazy about Xena, The Warrior Princess. It’s led to some great conversations; my mother strongly objects to Xena’s outfit on the show, and Tori and I had a long discussion about how a real Xena would likely have worn far more protective clothing if she was going to get in that many fights. But mostly? We just let ourselves enjoy the campiness of the show.

My mother’s health continues to be excellent. She’s still doing physical and occupational therapy a couple times a week as well as working hard at the gym about four times a week. Living together has been pretty easy these days; it’s hard to admit, now, that so much of what drove me crazy about living with her was related to her health. I feel badly for some of my behavior while she was sick; it was hard living with her when her brain wasn’t working correctly, particularly when the doctors kept blaming her problems on things like depression. Luckily, she’s very forgiving, and we’re doing just fine now.

Charlie continues to explore photography and his writing. I’m so proud of him I could burst. He’s a great husband and partner, and I don’t say that enough. He’s had a lot of work lately (as have I), and is gaining new clients. He’s also been hiking with me and Tori a few times, and is finding it to be just as rewarding as I do. It’s lovely.

And I continue to have some of the best friends in the world. I’m so lucky that way.

I know this isn’t an exciting post, but sometimes I just want to take a moment and take a snapshot of my life and my family. I’m happy, and it’s lovely.

Now, some photos. *grin*

Tori demanded a hair cut last weekend. She’s been wanting it short for a while, and frankly brushing her hair was a daily struggle – and as my mom pointed out, she tended to look a lot like a kid in Les Miserables by the middle of the day. So we got her a hair cut.

tori haircut

How cute does she look???


She was very excited about having a faux hawk.


Contrary to my mom’s face in that pic, she actually thought it was funny.

We continue to love hiking, and no one loves it more than Cannie Belle, who never misses swimming in the creek.

cannie swims

I love getting to go with Tori.


We need to get her better shoes if she’s going to keep clambering up rocks. (We’ve been hiking close to home in the Wissahickon Valley, an amazing place that is right smack in the middle of Philadelphia but offers some tough trails. It was inhabited at various points in the past, hence finding signs of civilization such as this former copper mine.)

I am enjoying the hiking too; on Saturday we did a tough trail in 95 degree weather. Just a couple of months ago we would have let the heat keep us home. But not this time. We got out there and got sweaty (and in my case, pretty damned flushed).


Naturally, we stopped at the Valley Green Inn post hike for a bit of ice cream.


This is a damned good life I’m leading.

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  1. says

    Yes! Great pics of your family, Cecily! I’m so happy that things are going well for you. Enjoy the sunshine! :-)

  2. 4katnap says

    Not boring at all. I’m very happy that things are going well. I love your family’s happy smiles!

  3. Malia says

    I love this for two reasons. 1) because I’m so very happy for you! and 2) because it was a great reminder to me to be thankful. Lately I’ve been really, really down about my own life (for a variety of reasons) and this kicked me in the ass to remeber to be thankful. I’ve always prided myself on being a thankful person but I’m seeing how I’ve let that slip lately.

  4. says

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and it’s so nice to see things looking up for you! Keep taking care of yourself and your family, and enjoying every minute!

  5. says

    I love Tori’s new haircut – my older daughter now sports a very short hairstyle and it looks fantastic!!

  6. says

    I’m so glad you are having happy times. Tori is absolutely adorable with short hair. It will feel so good this summer. She’s rocking the faux hawk!

  7. kelly says

    Not boring, happy is good! Love Tori’s hair too. When I scrolled down to the first hiking picture I thought “Hey! That looks like where we going hiking in Wissahickon!” :) I’ve been finding too many excuses not to get out there lately. Go you!

  8. Alexicographer says

    OMG, how grown up is Tori?!? What a charmer, this all looks and sounds delightful. Yay!

  9. Tracey D says

    Great post-so glad all is going well. You look fantastic! I can really see the weight loss in this picture. Tori is adorable, the short hair looks great and will be so nice this summer. So glad all is going well for both you and Charlie, and of course, great to hear that your mom is doing so well. Take care Cecily-love your blog.

  10. Donna says

    You are wrong. The post is not boring! :) posts that say your life is going well are some of the very best! Thanks!

  11. says

    Thanks for this post, it is anything but boring. It is inspiration for me this morning. I have woken up grumpy and have been snippy with the kids. Time for me to turn my attitude around and look at how amazing life really is. :)

  12. says

    I love this post, Cecily! So full of thankfulness, wonderment and joy! My daughters & I are loving Tori’s new hairstyle – so fun and great for warm East Coast summers filled with swimming, hiking and playing outside. So happy to see you happy – with your relationships, your work and your day-to-day. Carpe Diem!

    Reading this motivates me to suck up those delectable moments of sweetness and snuggles from our 3 girls every single day, because all-too-soon they’ll be adults. To tell my partner I love him and why I appreciate him. To seize the opportunity we have right now this minute as we’re living in Europe amongst some of the greatest history in the world. No – we’re not gonna “stay inside just b/c it’s a rainy day today.”

    So a Huge thank you for sharing.
    Love this one – it’s a goody.
    Amy of

  13. Pam says

    I’ve been reading your blog forever, but I rarely post. I just wanted to tell you that it’s so nice to hear you so happy!! Sounds like things are going really well. I’m happy for you!!!!

  14. says

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