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Yesterday I got an email from my daughter’s school asking if I would be willing to help volunteer to staff an info table at the Philadelphia Gay Pride parade to help spread the word about our school. I said yes, because my daughter and I have always loved going to the parade each year. A couple of years ago Tori and I even marched in the parade together briefly with a friend and the “Radical Fairies,” until her four year old legs got too tired. It’s one of my favorite Philadelphia gatherings.

One of the highlights of the parade is the trolley full of gay and lesbian families; the first year I went with Tori I was excited to see a friend and her partner and son on the trolley, and we’ve seen them there each year since. The parade inevitably leads to discussions with Tori about what makes up a family, and how families look, and the hurdles that being gay brings to making a family. It’s a wide branching conversation that circles back to how Tori was created, too, because assisted reproduction is one of the many things our family shares in common with gay and lesbian families. It also leads to discussions about other ways families are built, such as adoption, and that leads to why this post is sponsored.

For the first time ever, a new television show is tackling these issues with kindness, grace, and love. ABC Family is going to be home to a new show called The Fosters that features a lesbian family raising biological kids while they also take in foster kids. It airs tonight at 9pm!

I cannot wait to support this show. My friend Deb wrote about the new show saying, “I’ve waited a long, long time to see lesbian motherhood featured in a television series like we’re about to see in The Fosters. I can’t wait because it feels good for me to see my type of family represented on television. Social service-minded lesbians who have creatively created family constellations? Check and check! I know at least thirty. Make that eleventy hundred.”

I’m so excited. I’m not sure the show will be something I can watch with Tori – I suspect the show will involve a lot of feelings and talking (based on other ABC Family shows I’ve loved, hello, Bunheads anyone?) so she’d find it boring. But I know I’ll be watching.

Let’s support this show. We need television to show more families that look like this – and trust me, the naysayers are already loudly cursing the show. Thanks, ABC Family, for being brave enough to make that leap knowing the opposition you’d face. I plan to watch religiously (pun totally intended).

Thanks to ABC Family’s new series The Fosters for sponsoring this post.  Click here to see more of the discussion. Also, watch the premiere of The Fosters on Monday, June 3 at 9/8c only on ABC Family.

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  1. says

    I am so excited to see this show. It covers so many important topics that have been in the shadows too long…our society is so defined by what we watch on TV – there are hundreds of shows about adultery, drugs, murder, etc…but hardly any about something more real, and certainly more healthy, like gay/lesbian couples and fertility issues. I remember the first time I saw Rules of Engagement and saw that two of the characters are infertile and trying to conceive…I felt so…kindred, like I could relate (finally). I have that life, and so do millions of other families, and its high time they put something more real on TV than beautiful, healthy, hetero couples having beautiful, healthy hetero babies. The reality is our world is made up of very complex families – many have same sex parents, single parents, adopted, assisted or fostered children…but for some reason our realities never made the TV cut until recently. I like it. I think it’ll be good for all of us and I will totally support this show! :-)

  2. Beccy says

    Wait. You haven’t seen the show yet? Come on Cecily. I’ve been loyal since before you were expecting the boys, and – I’ve begged you more than once to take a break to let the well fill up. Now you are blogging about something *you haven’t even experienced yet.*

    You are seriously going to lose any talent you have if you don’t stop this and work on the book proposal. Please.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Beccy, I’m sorry you’ve found my writing disappointing. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to promote the show that so many friends of mine are excited about, and getting paid to write about it was just a nice bonus. As for my “well”, it feels quite full lately and I have no worries about my talent. I’m sorry you don’t agree, but thanks for supporting me all this time. I don’t deny that I’ve changed; after all, it’s been nearly a decade since I lost the boys. It would be a shame if I hadn’t changed in that time. But it’s also totally okay for you to not like the changes. I get that. :)