My heart goes out to everyone affected by the horrendous tornadoes hitting the middle of our country, particularly to those parents who lost their children. I can’t even imagine.

NPR has a great list of ways those of us far away can help.

And for a tiny bit of joy in the wreckage, watch this awesome woman find her lost dog on live TV.

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  1. Lugina says

    It’s just so sad here. I’m so lucky that my family was safe. We live west of the damage. My oldest son was driving up from Texas, but his timing was perfect and he missed all of the storms. Just Heartbreaking.

  2. pindy4176 says

    I live in NW OKC, out of harm’s way. I checked my son out of school an hour early, because the weather looked so bad; and the sirens went off (for the first of three times) just as we pulled into the garage.

    I am grateful that I *could* pick up my son, and that we were together, for better or worse. But it makes knowing that other parents couldn’t do that, knowing that children died without their parents and parents survived without their children, unbearable.

    I am emotionally overwhelmed by all the “here’s how to help” efforts, because what can I possibly give that will repair that kind of heartbreak???