This New Year Feels Like Old Hat

fort copyI’m back at my desk in the office and Tori is back at school, although Tori’s elaborate princess fort remains in one corner of my office. A bright reminder of two weeks of pleasant time with her.

It’s a new year, and a time to review and focus on what’s ahead. Frankly, all I feel like doing is laying my head down on the desk and taking a nap. New Year’s Eve saw me in the urgent care office, because I can’t get a normal cold – I escalate it to acute bronchitis and a sinus infection, naturally. So now I have that spacey and jittery feeling you get from steroids even as I feel physically better (if you don’t count coughing all night last night).

Plus my mom is still in the hospital. They are still running tests in an attempt to get a fucking diagnosis. She might get another MRI. She might need a minor surgery. She might move to rehab.

We just don’t know, and we are all – particularly my mom – exhausted with waiting. It feels like we’re all holding our breath.

Many of the bloggers I know are choosing a few words to describe their hopes for the year rather than do resolutions. I’d chosen “abundance” to be my word of the year; I hope to have abundance in all things, particularly in love and family and hope and joy.

That seems so far away from reality right now.

I’ll try to concentrate on the good things. I didn’t gain all my lost weight back over Christmas, and stayed grain free with the exception of Christmas Day itself. The work I have is great (although I’m seeking new projects, if you know anyone looking for a content creator/writer), and Tori is happy and healthy as can be. We managed to go out briefly for as long as my sick ass could stand for the Mummer’s parade, where I snapped the below adorable pic of my family. So that’s all good, right? How was your new year?fam2

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  1. says

    Happy New Year to you, Cecily. 2012 was a doozy for me, so I am looking forward to a whole lot of change. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Anne says

    I thought abundance might be my word for 2013 but have just found out that my mother, who lives with us, probably has cancer and not one of the easily treatable and curable kinds. So I guess I’ll look for good spots as best I can. I hope your year improves rapidly.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for this post. With all the resolutions and such we put so much pressure on ourselves to have everything “perfect” in the new year – but sometimes life has other plans. Best wishes for good health for your entire family in 2013!

  4. Michele Albert says

    I hope you feel better soon and you have a resolution with your mother ASAP. It is so draining to not have answers, hang in there! P.S. LOVE the fort

  5. Hetty Fauxvert says

    That is one SERIOUSLY adorable photo!!!! Abundance sounds good to me too. Happy 2013, Cecily & Co.!