In Search of Smaller, Part 2

So, it’s been about eight weeks since I wrote this post about wanting to be smaller and lose some weight, and about ten weeks since I’ve been eating this new way.

I’ve lost about twenty-five to thirty pounds (depending on the day of the month, heh). But more than that, I’ve lost a massive amount of bloating in my abdomen. It took me a while to find photos to share because, well, I don’t take that many full body photos for obvious reasons. But this photo someone took of me in May is one I wrote about here because I hated it so much (and I actually went on to gain another ten or fifteen pounds after that photo). But the one I took now, well, I see a little progress. My butt is smaller, primarily, as is my stomach. I see it in my face, too (not that you can see my face in that photo, obviously, and by the way, that’s not the same shirt although it’s hard to tell, yes?).

I’m startled, and pleased, because, well… it’s been really, really easy.

Basically the only change is this: I’ve given up grains of all kinds, and I limit my intake of carbohydrates. I’m still keeping it simple, just like I started out with:

• Breakfast: greek yogurt + blueberries with stevia and some added fiber

• Lunch: eggs with fresh spinach, some lowfat bacon, and fruit (usually a banana)

• Dinner: all the meat I want, lots of veggies, and a small amount of carbs including potatoes (less than a cup’s worth), or rice or a big ol’ sweet potato.

It really is just not hard for me at all, mostly because I’m not weighing or measuring anything. I’ve had flour a couple of times (once I got “dosed” and once when I enjoyed some gravy on Thanksgiving because HELLO – but I did skip the stuffing), and both times I felt sick immediately. It’s really obvious that I shouldn’t be eating grains. I feel SO much better without them.

The other piece, of course, has been the exercise. I’ve been using the XBox 360 with Kinect I got for a project at Babble doing dancing with Tori, some weird game involving pretending to be in a raft that is actually quite a workout, and even yoga (side note: my mom is doing some yoga too, see that post I linked to). I’m in SUCH BETTER SHAPE. On Saturday we went to see Tori’s new school BFF perform in the Nutcracker and I had to run up the steepest and longest set of stairs I’ve ever seen (like three times the height of a regular staircase) and hit the top barely out of breath (even the usher said, “Wow, you took that like a champ”).

I feel so relieved.

I’m not sure where this path will lead, but I won’t lie – I’m hoping it’s a size 14/16 although I’d happily settle for a 16/18. Yes, I have a goal, even though that’s the antithesis of being anti-diet. I’m standing here admitting it: I have a body size goal. And I’m okay with it.

Will keep you posted on how I survive the holidays, particularly Christmas day itself and my “famous” Christmas dinner I do each year. I suspect there will be some carb overloading there. But hey! That’s okay too.

On to the next chapter.

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  1. says

    So inspiring, Cec. You look marvelous, and I’m happy to hear you’re having fun with this. I’ve been doing some emotional work around my almost-lifelong food/body image issues and it’s helping so much. Here’s to having fun and loving ourselves.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      It’s a nonstop battle, right? I feel some pressure to deal because of having a daughter that’s a fast mover. :)

  2. Kellie says

    Awesome! I lost about 50 pounds a year and a half ago by watching what I eat and exercising. I left both and have gained about 10 back. Working hard in my head to get back to the gym. I feel so much better when I exercise, don’t know what it is about stopping tha tmakes it so hard to start again. Anyway, GOOD for you.

  3. Shannon Owens says

    if you are looking for a thickener for things like gravy look at corn starch and such (a lot of Jewish recipes are grain free for one of their holidays but I can’t remember what it is at this time)… but this is how a lot of people who have had WLS eat including me :) Great job and keep up the good work girl!!!

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Oh, good idea! Thanks. :) I’ve been using gluten-free flour at home, but we had turkey dinner out.

      • says

        What brand is the gluten free flour?

        I have been low carb for years but not completely wheat free and guess what? I’m now gluten intolerant.

        After a week of arthritic wheat ‘flu’ and a major asthma attack from all the inflammation…I am avoiding all wheat.

        So I would like to know what the flour is and how it’s worked for you. I do bake with almond flour which works well for muffins and cookies but doesn’t work as a thickener.


  4. says

    Wow! Impressive, noticeable difference! I would love to see more “sample meals” if you ever have time. My doc wants me to give up wheat for – seriously – emotional/psychological reasons, and I’m still denying it.

  5. says

    Congrats lady! I know this road well and am supporting you from afar. I, too, would love to be a size 14. Keep going for it!

  6. Sue says

    Cecily, you are an inspiration. I think a lot about that courageous blog post you wrote 8 weeks ago. Thanks for posting.

  7. says

    There is a noticeable difference between those two photos.

    Congrats on sticking with your plan, and heading toward your goal. You are doing a great job!

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      I never go to any holiday parties, so that’s easy. And honestly? With no wheat allowed, it eliminates everything but fudge.

      Don’t take my fudge. :)

  8. says

    Yes. I love how you are doing this without obsessing and depriving and going crazy. You’re doing this in such a wonderful, positive way. I admire you SO much!

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      It was so hard to cross the line from non-dieter to embracing smaller. I’m so relieved this seems to be working!

  9. Jen (yup, another one) says

    ROCK ON! We are grain free in our house due to my wife’s health needs, and it’s been good for me, too. I have an awesome almond flour stuffing recipe if stuffing figures into your Christmas dinner, and several good grain free desserts should you want ideas on that front.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Oooh! I might want that recipe. I’ve been avoiding having desserts, frankly. :) Easier.

  10. says

    Can totally see a difference. Way to go! Losing weight is hard, I struggle daily, lost 58 have 20 to go. I’m trying hard to survive the holidays. I’m working on indulging in the ONE day and leaving the guilt behind and it’s fricking hard! I got through Thanksgiving, now I have an ornament exchange, two Christmas parties, and Christmas on the horizon and I have to admit, I am fucking nervous!!!
    Keep on keeping on, and keep inspiring us all in more ways than one!

  11. says

    Cecily, you are doing awesome and I’m very happy for you and proud of you.
    You are setting a great example for your daughter – one of finding a happy balance between good health and body acceptance. Good luck on the rest of your journey and meeting your goals. I have every confidence that you will end up in a place that suits your ideals and your mission for better health.

  12. says

    I love the change in your perspective more than anything—you are totally owning this while staying sane. No shame in having a body size goal. Clapping.

  13. says

    Excellent! This is really inspiring. My weight has been creeping up again and I decided today to go back to cutting out grains again because it really does help. I’m so impressed with you for finding a way to make changes you can stick to, because I really think that’s the key.

  14. says

    This is so inspiring. I also love that you are not following any set program but making it up as you go and it is working for you, wow 25-30 in 8 weeks is amazing!!! I just got the Wii fit this past weekend and am going to try and sweat off a few pounds while gaming :)

  15. says

    You are rocking it!!! And your attitude is inspiring :)

    I have a Wii and have been meaning to get the Wii Fit thingy for the last two years we’ve had it. I think I will just have to go out and buy it now :)

    It is great to have goals. We’re all going to throw you a big internet party when you reach yours.

  16. Maria Bailey says

    Way to go!! I tell people all the time, it’s about food choice. congratulations on making good choices for you and your family.

  17. Laura Holloway says

    So happy you are happy with your progress! You are a truly gorgeous lady, inside and out! Always have been, always will be. xoxo

  18. says

    Wow!! I am SO impressed. I’ve tried writing down everything I ate and exercising every day for six months and only lost 15 lbs. That was SO discouraging to me. Maybe I just need to focus on LESS carbs. Not sure I could give up sugar in my coffee, though. I’m trying to put a little less every day. ;)

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      See, I chose the things I couldn’t give up – like having some sugar in my coffee (you know, if I drank coffee). I’m not willing to give up all sweets right now, so I have a bite or two of something each day (and sometimes more than a bite). It works. I just modify the REST of the carbs I eat, only eating fruit-based carbs for lunch and dinner.

  19. sharmell says

    Congratulations Sister!!!! Keep up the positive attitude! You look amazingly smaller! I need to follow your lead, I love grains and carbs…but its worth a shot, I want to live damn it.

  20. Tracy says

    If you’re looking for a good sweetener besides Splenda, maybe try Xylitol. It has calories, but only 40% of sugar and tastes great and doesn’t raise your insulin levels. It also helps reduce cavities and is safe for kids. ( I recall you mentioning no flouride in your water?) I use the toothpaste and gum as well. My 6 year old chews the gums between meals and loves it.

  21. says

    You think you see it… some?! I can totally see it! I see it in your face, your arm, your whole body. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I am so very proud of you for keeping up the new healthy lifestyle. I am really excited that it is coming easily for you. Diets can be so tough at times but a fresh new lifestyle is the perfect solution. You look amazing!

  22. Julie says

    As someone who is struggling with her weight right now – I think it is amazing that you’ve found a plan that works for you. I hope that by the next time I see you, we’ll both be rocking healthier lifestyles. :)

  23. says

    yay Cecily! I’m so proud of you. Try the Dance Central for the 360. it has a “break it down” section so you can learn the steps. You look fantastic

  24. says

    Awesome! You can do this, we ca do this! I am doing the same, I haven’t given up all grains but I gave up gluten. With that I have lost 10-15 lbs, 2 dress sizes, and I feel better. My issues are breakfast, which I fixed today by adding in a soy protien shake. And excessive, we go to Disney next week, I am going to start after we get back. My goal is a 12/14, I have to say going from a 26, to a 22 rocked, and now those 22s are starting to get loose!!!!!! I’m here if you ever need a buddy going through the same thing!

  25. says

    You feeling better is the best reward when it all comes down to it – but so much flows into that self-admiration and allowing ourselves to enjoy just being us, doesn’t it?

  26. says

    So awesome! Good For you!!! You look great!. You got this! (I know I am overusing the exclamation points) But it is well worth it. You make me want to get back on track.
    I am rooting for you..Whoo WHoo.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      It’s just a kinda mosh of paleo/primal and, well, me unwilling to give up sweets completely. Plus, ya know, the 25+ years of diets I did before that. LOL.

  27. says

    Hi there. I loved all of what you wrote. You said, “I have a body size goal and I’m okay with it” (maybe paraphrasing – I didn’t read back up again.) But what you really have is a “HEALTHY size goal, and you’re okay with it.” Size is just what someone puts on a label, healthy is a frame of mind, and the actions that follow it. And you, are sooooooo doing it, living it! Congrats to you. I know how much courage it takes to put your picture/image out there for all to see. It’s hard.

    P.S. I made that healthy choice too and the change allowed me to lose a few sizes.

    Best. Mary Kay

  28. Sunny says

    I’ve gone from a very tight 22–should probably have been in 24′s– to a comfy 16. Last night I had to pull out a few more clothes for the thrift pile because they are also too big. Tough problems, eh? I ended up in jeans to a church function because all of my dress pants are falling off of me.

    I use a free app on my phone and a website to log what I eat, along with exercise. I also have a Fitbit, which was a gift for my birthday. It really helps push me to be more active. It’s shocking how easy it is to trick myself into believing I’ve had a busy, active day when I’ve barely moved.

    I’m a firm believer in what ever works for you is the plan you should follow. Health and fitness, both emotional and physical, are my goals. The only rule I have is don’t quit! I’m so glad that you found what makes you feel great, and that it’s having a positive impact on your body as well. Keep up the great work!

  29. says

    Way to go!! I wish I had the ability to give up all grains! I’m at 1.6 year off wheat and sugar barring cheat days and “doses”(love that!). I’m at a major plateau and can’t shift anything but kept 80lbs off. Goal in sight but still too far too reach. This journey we have been on for so long is annoying! But keeping on keeping on. Love u Cec at any size but glad u are seeing and feeling results of ur actions. Xo

  30. says

    Rock on, girl. ROCK ON!

    You look amazing and this post brought tears to my eyes for you. I think you are, as expected, kicking mega-@$$!!! :P

  31. says

    Great job! I’m so proud of you! Those little changes are making a great difference. Always love yourself and be proud of who you are.

  32. Alexicographer says

    Congratulations on moving forward on so many of your goals at once — that is great! Today’s NYT has an article about gluten-free eating (online, not sure of print date) that might be of interest — I haven’t read it, don’t know, but FWIW!

  33. cuckoo_burd says

    Way to go! Congrats for the success. I think it’s fantastic.

    I just hope you start feeding your child with as much effort. I know picky eaters are difficult- believe me, I have one, and it’s one of the most difficult things I deal with- but it is no less important than what you are doing for yourself. Perhaps more important. I hope you find your way to doing that. It’s hard to read tweets about your kid eating processed garbage when you spend so much money, time, and effort on yourself. It’s not that you shouldn’t do that.. I just hope you include her, and I hope to learn some tips from you along the way.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      I’m kinda confused; I almost never tweet about my daughter eating at all, much less say she’s eating processed garbage. She gets fast food maybe once a month or so; everything else she eats is actually from Whole Foods. So you can rest easy on that front.

      • cuckoo_burd says

        Your husband tweeted it. And I think it’s a valid comment, and I don’t mean anything mean by it. No need to jump on my ass about it, folks. I think a lot of us find it a challenge to feed our picky kids healthy meals.

  34. says

    Please allow me to kick the commenter above? I can’t believe that someone could be so small of mind and character that they would deliberately attempted to hurt you (and your supporters) by such petty poison.

    J – we could all be far more perfect human beings, it is true. The blogger here is doing her best to achieve change for herself. What are you doing about your nastiness?

  35. says

    Hi Cecily!!! I’m so thrilled to read about your new eating plan. Both Gary and I went no grains/sugars/low carb in Jan 2011. I lost 75 pounds over the course of a year.

    You look wonderful!! I hope to get back to reading blogs more – especially yours. :)