Today I headed to see my mom at the horrid rehab facility (it was more nursing home than rehab, and was just a sad, sad place), but today was different: today she came home. We packed up her stuff, got her in the car, and then headed off for a gourmet lunch to help wash away the taste of the crappy food at the rehab (truly, it was awful).

It’s good to have her home.

We have her fancy new rollator, handicap grab bars where we need them in her room and in the tub, and Friday my plans are to work with her to get her room more comfortable and easier to get around; I’d planned to do it while she was in the rehab but she wanted to be part of the process (although we did a huge amount of clearing her floor to make it safe).

Plus we’d done some extensive rearranging of the living room, thanks my walking through the big box store and seeing an open-box, no remote or cables version of the TV I’ve had my eye on for a while for 1/3 of the normal price (LOVE the open box thing), so we were able to ditch our big ugly tube TV for a new-fangled flat one to put on our mantel. This went nicely with our new XBox/Kinect (which I was given to test for Babble, GOD BLESS YOU BABBLE) which means that Tori and I are now regularly shaking/dancing/jumping in the living room, which we have successfully kept completely clear and clean for 11 DAYS.

But the motivation for all of the cleaning was really to make the living room/ dining room/ kitchen more accessible if my mom came home with some sort of walking assistance, and I’m pleased to say she loves it and it looks great.

It’s nice to have us under one roof again.


I am so grateful this year. Tori is happy and thriving (we survived her first multiple-guest sleepover last night) at the new school; Charlie and I are both getting tons of work (welcome two new clients, Women and Co. and!) so we’re feeling hopeful about affording a reasonable Christmas and even possibly, finally, starting on that emergency fund, my mom is home and feeling better than she has in months…

Life is good.

But even more amazing is how much bigger my heart feels now that I’ve been able to welcome Sharmell┬áinto my life, and have a deeper understanding of Diana and Johnny and Briggette. I finally feel like we have a real, awesome, big family. I cannot wait to find a way to get us all together. It will happen. Somehow.


I hope that your hearts are all as light and happy as mine is right now. If you’re in the US, have an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday, and remember that I am grateful for YOU, you readers, who give me a reason to write every day.

Thank you.

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  1. Phyllis says

    Most rehabilitation facilities resemble nursing homes because most of their clients are the elderly recovering from strokes and falls. When I was a patient in one a few years ago after my leg amputation I remember being a little taken back at first. I was 59, no spring chicken, but very recently productive and active. It didn’t take me long to realize that every patient had a story, a life and a longing to recover and get back home. The food wasn’t great, but my family brought me food as they could and that made it easier. I am glad your mom is home and I hope that she continues to make progress.