I Still Love Holding Photos In My Hand

This is a sponsored post.

It’s funny; before my daughter was born in 2006, I still took most of my photos to the store to get developed. But as a baby shower gift, I was given my first DSLR camera, and I began to utilize photo hosting sites to store my photos instead. I rarely developed them.

But one of the utter joys of the digital age is this: the photo book. You’ll see (in the picture there) me at my daughter’s first birthday party, holding the photo book from Shutterfly that my best friend made for me of my daughter’s first year. And once you get passed the fact that I did not yet have pink hair, you’ll see how incredibly happy I was to receive the book. I look at it, still, at least once a month. I cannot tell you how much I cherish that book. It’s so much better than a traditional photo album; it’s prettier, for one, and the photos don’t fall the hell out (gah, that drives me NUTS about photo albums).

While I still love the feel of photos in my hand, in my wallet, and on my wall, it still is rare that I bother to print them. However, when I’ve wanted a physical photo printed I’ve used Shutterfly. I’ve printed birthday party invites there, as well as always using them to create my photo Holiday card. The system is easy to use, uploading my photos is a snap, and I love the design control Shutterfly offers and the wide range of templates available.

Of course there is more than one holiday, and I’ll bet if you’re anything like me you’ve taken roughly a million photos of your family dressed up for Halloween – particularly since some of you haven’t even gotten to trick-or-treat yet if you live in an area that Hurricane Sandy ravaged – and visiting the local pumpkin patch. If so, you’ll be happy to know that Shutterfly is offering a great contest on its Facebook page where you can share your family pics and have a shot at some great prizes.

In even better news, I’m happy to let you know that I’m also offering a giveaway of a $75 Shutterfly gift card. That’s enough to get you a couple of big prints as well as your holiday cards or, of course, one of the awesome photo books.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is this:

• Go enter Shutterfly’s Howl-O-Week Photo Contest and come back here and leave a comment telling me you did.

• Send out a tweet linking to this post (and come back and tell me ya did) mentioning @Shutterfly and using the hashtag #SFLYHalloween.


This post was compensated, but I promise I really do love Shutterfly and all opinions are my own, m’kay? 


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  1. says

    Um ah. Reprimanded.

    ha ha I know where you are coming from (even though it may be a sponsored post) – my sister is a photographer, and for special occasions and projects she produces books (not sure who she uses, though).

    Of course, I am the woman with 5 years of photos in a box under the television set, and 5 years of photos on sticks and discs and a handful of photos – extras from Christmases past – in my old handbag…

    (mumbles to self to possibly click on Cecily’s link to see how to rectify)

    • Amy says

      I am the same! Before I got my digital camera pictures were eagerly taken into the shop and lovingly placed in photo albums. Now? I’m pretty much 12 years BEHIND!

  2. Leslie says

    I love Shutterfly!! They make the best photo books and have such an easy website to use. I tweeted and entered the contest. :o)

  3. says

    I had all my photos on the Kodak site, which Shutterfly now owns. I totally agree with how easy it is to use. Also, when my computer died I lost a ton of digital photos, but all the ones I had uploaded to Kodak are still there on Shutterfly safe and sound. In a world where storms, hurricanes, and floods are increasingly common it is nice to have a place where I know my pictures are safe and from where I can get cheap prints/books/or whatever that are really nice in quality. To be honest I can’t see the difference between Kodak and Shutterfly, but it was nice that the transition was smooth and I didn’t have to rush to find another ‘home’ for my pictures.