Why I’m Voting For President Obama

There are many reasons, but here’s a few.

• “Obamacare” gave me access to affordable healthcare nine months ago. Yes, really. Pennsylvania Fair Care, one of the first elements of Obamacare (low cost health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions), gave me health insurance for under $300 a month – compared to the $750 I was paying with private insurance.

• Obama’s Foreign Policy knowledge and experience far, far outweighs Mitt Romney’s business-focused experience.

• Obama’s a thoughtful and compassionate man. I do not believe that Mitt Romney is, particularly when you hear stories like this one.

• Obama is working toward ending the fucked up, crazy-ass wars that are costing us billions and billions.

• Obama supports (finally) gay marriage, so that we can hopefully stop hearing stories like this one.

• Obama gives a shit about women. I do not believe Romney does, as evidenced in this video.

So there you go. Not that any of you had any doubt, but this is why I’ll be voting for our President to have a second term.

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  1. Amy says

    Unfortunately, my healthcare premiums doubled. Instead of costing me less, it costs me more to have health insurance. I feel fortunate to have private health insurance through my job but it has definitly been more expensive instead of more affordable. I’ll probably still vote for Obama though for all the other reasons.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Mine was doubling every year before AFCA, but I do think private insurance is trying to get a last gasp before they can’t artificially inflate the rates.

  2. Erin says

    Thank you for reaffirming (not like I needed it) why I’m voting for Obama.

    I will never understand why anyone with a vagina and/or LGBT friendly or in the “family” would vote for Romney. He stands against everything I believe in.

    Although I’m financially conservative on some accounts I will never ever vote for someone who sets us back from the small progress we’ve made. How dare anyone try to tell me what I can do to my body or dictate my very best of friends relationships. That’s horseshit.

    Furthermore, it hurts to think people can’t see this. This hate and ignorance Romeny has.

    Your writing is, as always, well written and inspiring. Thanks for rekindling my pride in our President :)

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      I have a bit of fiscal conservative things – I’m pro tort reform, for instance – but Obama IS rather conservative fiscally. :)

  3. says

    It’s scary to me to know there are women who are voting for Romney. I am not a one-issue voter, but no way in hell could I ever vote for someone who is so anti-woman.

  4. says

    I am an Obama supporter, but I think that the foreign policy statement can be skewed. Obama has a much deeper opportunity for information, and the entire debate is (by it’s nature) based on actions he has taken. When there is an incumbent running for re-election, I am not sure the challenger ever has much of a chance to make a strong, independent point.

    When it was Obama v McCain – Obama was as much as a novice as Romney is now. Foreign affairs is tricky for the challenger.

  5. says

    Trillions in debt.
    Slow (no) GDP growth.

    Benghazi. Four Americans dead. Our arrogant, Liar-In-Chief can’t come clean about this event that happened SIX WEEKS AGO! Does this matter to any of you?

    He was over his head (under qualified) four years ago. He is DROWNING now due to his incompetence.

    Just saw Mr Cool on MTV. WOW. How presidential.
    Interviewed by Rolling Stone calling his political opponent “a bullshitter.” Classy. Ten days before the election, he is on with Leno. Our first black president talked about the World Series.

    Listen ladies. He’s got you hook, line, and vagina. As long as he acts/lies/reads a TelePrompter to give you what you’re fishing for – he’s got you. That’s why he sucked in debate #1. He takes your vote for granted.

    • Hetty Fauxvert says

      Kim is stating her points a little more forcefully than is usually my wont, but I just want to say I agree with her. Benghazi in particular sent me right over the edge with Obama. I realize that saying “read up on foreign policy” is, to most people, as exciting as saying, “eat your peas, they’re good for you,” but good Lord, Obama is getting in deeper and deeper in the Middle East. I firmly believe that the Benghazi scandal is about to break wide open, and it will be ugly. It looks to me like Obama (or someone close to him) made an actual *decision* to deny aid to Ambassador Stevens and the two CIA operatives who were trying to pull him out, and then after they all died, realized, “Oops! That’s going to look like crap this close to the election.” So he and his administration have been obfuscating and stonewalling ever since. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to administer a polygraph to Valerie Jarrett….

      Anyway, to me, Benghazi is just a glowing example of the lies and half-truths that have typified this administration. President Obama promised us one of the most transparent administrations ever, and instead it has been like trying to peek through a stone wall. Mitt Romney is largely an unknown quality to me. But I do know that at least he is not Obama. I am ready to take a chance on a “new guy.”

      • Cecily Kellogg says

        Thanks, Hetty, for stating your opinion gently. I’m so glad people feel comfortable sharing here!

        I’m worried about those same things, but I still think Obama is the best choice.

    • Cecily Kellogg says

      Thanks for sharing your disagreement in a non-judgy way. Really. I’m so glad you feel like you can disagree with me!

      I see your points, but… I’m not changing my vote. :)

  6. Eliza says

    I’m glad to hear you say that. A friend of a friend has been blasting the ACHA because she says it’s forced individually insured polices sky high because of their PEC. She said that the PEC portion of the ACHA was only pertinent to group policies. I wonder why it’s different in GA or if it’s just vitriole.

  7. says

    Agree with you on all those reasons and I want to add that he has made it a priority to make higher education more affordable. We are a military family on a tight budget and we have four kids. My dreams and aspirations for them are boundless, but our funds to send them to college are not. Obama making college loans more affordable and making college education more accesible to everyone means a great deal to me.

  8. says

    He’s got my vote for the reasons you listed. I feel like, this time, I am not only voting for my rights as a woman, but also those of my daughter’s and for whomever she evolves to be, love or want to marry. Fingers crossed!

  9. says

    I had never seen that huff post article on Romney. Thanks for sharing. Not that he was ever an option for me – there are several reasons why I align myself more to Obama than Romney – but I like your nice, concise bullet list :-)


  10. Peggy says

    BE AFRAID LADIES, BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!!, all is not as it seems, Obama is to busy trying to be a celebrity, then being our President, this economy is ready to go bust, he just spend, and spends, and spends, if the economy is not working, America is not working, then healthcare coverage will be the least of our worries, this nation can not take another four more years of this Administration, we are headed for distruction, we have to turn the tide, now before it is to late.