Decorating For Halloween

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So Tori has hit that age where she is Halloween OBSESSED. Since her birthday – when she figured out that the next important holiday that meant she’d get stuff was Halloween – she’s been talking about her costume and developing a plan and strategy for trick-or-treating.

She chose roughly one million costumes before finally settling on being Merida from Brave:

We’ll be coloring her hair red and curling it too, rather than a wig, so she can wear it to school. She calls it “Merida with a haircut” and says, very seriously, that obviously Merida needs to cut her hair because it would get tangled in her bow.


But just getting a costume wasn’t enough for her; this year she wanted to do decorations as well. Since Walgreens has partnered with me for the next little while, we decided to go there for our decorations and use my brand new Balance Rewards card to get some good discounts (we also got all the Halloween candy we’ll be distributing there, which is huge because HOLY HELL we get a ton of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood).

Here’s what we bought.

We stocked up on a cute large bowl to store the candy in (yes, we already had bowls, but I gave Tori a strict budget to use while picking out the Halloween decorations and since it was only $2, it fit nicely into the $25 I let her spend). We picked up some Halloween votive candles to put in our carved pumpkins (that we won’t carve until the day before or day of, thanks to the very, very hungry squirrels that live in our neighborhood; if we want it to look like a scary pumpkin face we can’t leave it outside long).

We also got a pumpkin carving kit ($5) which will make things much easier. We also grabbed some of that fake cobweb stuff and put it all over the iron railing on our porch and covered the hydrangea bushes with it. Tori could not have been more thrilled with that; she was particularly entranced with the whole “pull it taut and then it will puff up” thing. Physics.

Lastly, we got these hilarious light up skulls to string on the porch. TORI LOVES THEM.

Y’all, thank GOODNESS Halloween is next week. I’m more tired of it now than I get in mid-December with Christmas.

Disclosure: I was compensated for writing this post, but I bought and paid for all the Halloween stuff myself. Opinions are naturally my own, and when are they not?


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  1. Marija says

    From squirrel-busting expert: bottle of Tabasco sauce (on inside and outside) goes a long way on a pumpkin. In a case you don’t want last-day carving.

  2. Jb says

    Just took my Halloween obsessed 4 and 7 yr olds to Walgreens. We spent way more but we got the light up eyes…coffin (half off!), purple spider and web….my 4 yr old keeps saying ours is the spookiest house….love the costume as well. Enjoy the holiday – its a fun one!

  3. says

    My favorite Halloween decoration this year is a giant spiderweb my kids tied together out of string in our front yard. Took them a whole afternoon but it looks cool!

  4. CJ says

    Wish CVS had sponsored this post – -they started stocking the unreal brand junk food that’s not too junky. I admit to buying 1/2 off decorations, stashing them and then using them next year! Also letting Tori shop with a budget is brilliant. I need to do that more with my kids.

    Tori’s costume is super cute.

  5. says

    I know you guys were at Walgreens, kudos! Seriously. But at Dollar Tree I found some cute plastic canister like things that I love. I think I’m going to nab some and in a few days take some WD-40 to them to take off the Halloween emblem and use them year round. They’re just so damn cute.

    As for the lights, I just can’t bring myself to buy the Halloween lights. Because … because lights are for Christmas. Okay, so that’s what I have always told my kids. I might break and buy some witchy lights if I find any.