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About six weeks ago I wrote about hating my fat body. That post – and the responses to it, negative and positive – broke something in me. While for years I’ve been an advocate of Health at Every Size and Body/Size Acceptance – and have been fiercely opposed to dieting for weight loss – I finally realized I really did want to lose weight and confessed on my blog to changing the way I ate with the goal of having a smaller body.

What I’ve done to change my diet is adopt a food plan that has a nod to the hot new diet trend, eating Paleo. This works for me because I really love meat (take that however you like, you dirty minded people), and in the past I’ve really liked eating low carb (although I can’t sustain it because of crazy abdominal pain that happens about ten days into eating low-carb). So Paleo, with it’s emphasis on lean meats and veggies but also including many fruits and simple carbs…

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    Great post. I’ve never seen anyone write about actively abandoning the family dinner idea, but I’ve always believed the studies about the association between strong families and eating together were just correlation. I think dinner as a family is one of many byproducts of functioning families, not some magical solution to make them function. For my husband and I, watching our weight means trying not to eat with the kids. Their requirements are different. I remind them they are still growing and I’m trying not to, so we can’t all eat the same things all the time.

    I think it’s great you’re creating a paleo-hybrid manner of eating that works for you. I think almost any method of eating that forces you to really think about your food helps a great deal. Just being aware can be key. The only things that got trying for me on paleo when I did it for any length of time was 1) the dishes (because actually making every single meal every time creates lots of dirty dishes) and 2) some difficulty in social situations because it’s hard to go out to lunch with people and find something to eat easily. But these are minor things in the scheme of it all. Plus I found my cooking became much more creative when I had to work around certain limitations.

    Good luck! Share recipes! And if you have certain cravings or something and want suggestions, just ask.

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    Good for you. I recently began something very similar, not even intending weight loss but to address some allergy issues and I cannot believe how much better I feel. The loss is happening but right away I had so much more energy and was so much more clear minded, it was amazing.