Week of Crazy!

Will work to remember she is waiting for me at home.

This is going to be a super busy week. Like, CRAZY. I have to try to get a head start on work before heading to New York way too early on Wednesday for the BlogHer conference.

But I’m also trying hard to stay even keeled, to remind myself to be balanced instead of being all over the place, allowing myself to get too stressed out.

That’s what I wrote about today over at The Uppercase Lowdown. I’d love you to read it, even if you’re not going to BlogHer.

This week I’ll be doing some posts about social good. Bear with me, will you? I’m often asked to use this space to promote products but I choose not to (mostly), but I do like to give this space over to people that are trying to do good things.

See you during the post BlogHer crash.

PS: How incredibly adorable is Tori these days? RIGHT???



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